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Invoicing/entering income

I am having issues with a client refusing to give me the invoices sent to their customers through another invoicing platform. They are arguing that the income is already recorded by the other platform (a professional platform and not an accounting platform) and therefore do not need to be entered into QuickBooks. I tell the client that to get an accurate picture of income, we need to enter all income and expenses in QuickBooks. Again, the client argues that the bank feeds showing money collected is enough to track income. I do not believe this to be true. I am still new to QuickBooks and would be grateful for clarification that I am on the right track. Does anyone have any input?

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Invoicing/entering income

Hi Meastw1m


When providing bookkeeping services to a client we must take their wishes into account, but also push back upon maintaining our integrity.  We cannot record revenue in our bookkeeping without proof of that revenue occurring, and deposits to a bank account could be anything.


Keep pushing for copies of invoices.



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Invoicing/entering income


You will not be able to reconcile the bank account without entering those transactions, you need to explain that to your customer.

On the other hand, you are able to create entries to those transactions without having copies of the originals as long as you know the tax applied.

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