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Is QuickBooks able to integrate Wave?

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QuickBooks Team

Is QuickBooks able to integrate Wave?

Hi allprobooks,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Online community! We love being able to team up with third-party services to make managing the books that much easier for business owners and have plenty of partner apps to facilitate that. In this case, however, QuickBooks Online and Wave are two separate accounting programs that don't integrate with one another.


If you're interesting in migrating to QuickBooks Online from Wave, there are a couple of options. I'll outline them below.


Migrate to QuickBooks Online with Intuit Data Services


The Intuit Data Services team has the ability to convert files from other accounting software such as Sage, Xero, and Acomba to make it readable in QuickBooks Online. While Wave isn't currently fully supported in this process, there's still something you could do. If you're able to export your files from Wave as .CSV files, our team can work with that to bring your data QuickBooks Online. Check out the links below to learn more.

Migrate to QuickBooks Online by importing .CSV files


Another option for migrating to QuickBooks Online is to import information using .CSV files. Again, this would mean getting your data from Wave in this file format. Once you do, you'll be able to use QuickBooks Online's Import Data tool to bring in customers, suppliers, products and services, invoices, bills, and the chart of accounts. I've got additional articles to help with that.

I hope that helps! I'll be here if you have additional questions. :)

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