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iTunes Credit through Costco / purchasing credit through another vendor

Hello. My issue is that we use iTunes regularly to purchase software for our small business. We took advantage of the Costco offer $79 for $100 worth of iTunes credit to use for future purchases (via vendor credit). The first part is fine, an expense through Costco (vendor), pay the bill for $79 and done. However, I'm buying a vendor credit through another vendor, so how do I apply and allocate this $100 credit to iTunes from the $79 Costco expense? Having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Or perhaps there is a better way of dealing with this. Any help would be appreciated. 

QuickBooks Team

iTunes Credit through Costco / purchasing credit through another vendor

This is a very interesting question and I suggest you connect with your accountant to get the most accurate answer for your business needs. If you don't have an accountant, you can find a certified ProAdvisor in your area through this link:


Let me know if you need help with anything else.

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iTunes Credit through Costco / purchasing credit through another vendor

Hello @thejbshop ,


It sounds like once you've paid the $79 to Costco, you then want to indicate that you actually have a credit with iTunes.  If my assumption is correct, then you could do the following.


1.  Post the purchase of $79 to Costco as you have done, but do not use an expense account.  Use an Other Current Asset account.  If you don't have one set up for this purpose, you could set it up and call it something like iTunes Credits.  Post +$100.00 to the iTunes Credits asset account.

2.  Post a 2nd line to either the expense account that you normally expense for iTunes purchases, or a separate Purchases Discounts account - your choice.  Post -$21.00 to this account.


Now you have recorded your $79 purchase from Costco.


As you use the $100 in  iTunes credits, for each transaction you will DR Expense and CR Asset, thus reducing the asset as you use it.


Any gift card or item such as this where you have paid in advance prior to using the product/service, should be handled similarly to what I've described above.


If you would rather eventually enter your purchases into a vendor bill using the iTunes vendor name, then you can accomplish the same thing as above by posting to Accounts Payable on the first line of your Costco transaction, and tabbing over to the name field and entering the iTunes vendor name.  Each time you use a credit, you would post a bill to your iTunes vendor name and expense each transaction to your expense account.


Both ways will work, it just depends upon how you want to see things on your books.  The 1st method will show that you have an asset on the books that you are reducing as you use your credits; the 2nd method will show that you have a negative liability (same as a positive asset) for iTunes vendor, which will increase as you use your credits.