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I am a manufacturer and in manufacturing procedure need to define a formula for each product, in this case it should automatically reduce the raw material from stock and add the inventory of the product I manufactured.

how can I do that in the quickbooks software??

I have advanced quickbook subscription

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QBO doesn't provide the assembly feature. You need to have a 3rd party manufacturing app to integrate with QBO.

Alex M
QuickBooks Team


Hi there CanCable,


Thanks for reaching out about your inventory. QuickBooks Online is a great software able to help you create and send invoices to your customers. I can provide some information about inventory.


In QuickBooks Online, there isn't the option to automatically create products from a raw material. I can see that this feature would be one you wish to see in the program. I recommend leaving feedback in the system by clicking on the Gear Icon, then Feedback. The comments made in that section are taken into consideration when designing new features for QuickBooks Online.


There may be a third-party app available to assist you with managing raw materials and transforming them into a finished product that can connect to QuickBooks Online. You can view the selection of apps by going to the Apps section of QuickBooks Online, then searching for keywords that are relevant.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

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