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Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online


Ideally would process in normal work-flow in each of system, that is parallel.

Instead of Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online -

is there any short-cut possible, like ONLY input in Desktop but then export from Desktop the Customer Invoice, Receipt, Bill, and Vendor Payment. And import into QuickBooks Online.

Anyone familiar with such tools, and process, so that both are in sync.

Thanks, Akhtar

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online

Hello Akhtar,

I'm happy to see that you're interested in transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere using cloud technology will certainly benefit your business. I can shed some light on your options for converting from Desktop to Online.

If you've already converted your QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online, that's great. If you need guidance on how to complete that process, see our Community article Migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. You'll want to do this before importing any other items into QuickBooks Online, as the migration can only be performed while the company is still empty or it can cause issues to occur. Then the historical data will be moved and it'll only be the data entered into QuickBooks Desktop during the test period that you'll need to manually import to QuickBooks Online.

It sounds like you're looking to export customer and vendor transaction data into your QuickBooks Online after inputting it into QuickBooks Desktop. This can be done by exporting data from QuickBooks Desktop into an Excel or CSV file format, and then importing those files into QuickBooks Online. To export data from QuickBooks Desktop to CSV format:

  1. Open the Customer/Supplier Centre.
  2. Select the Excel drop-down, then choose: 
    Export Customer/Supplier list if you want to export customer/supplier data such as name, balances and contact information.
    Export Transactions if you want to export transactions (either by name or transaction type).
  3. In the Export window, choose Create a comma separated values (.csv) file.
  4. Select Export.
  5. Assign a file name, then choose the location where you want to save the file.
  6. Locate, open, and edit the file as needed.

For more information on exporting data from Desktop to CSV or Excel, see our Community articles Import/export CSV files and Import or export MS Excel files. Once you've completed those steps, you can then import the data into QuickBooks Online. The steps are:

  1. Sign into your QuickBooks Online company file.
  2. Click the Gear icon, then under Tools select Import data.
  3. In the Import data screen, select which type of data you are trying to import (based on your description, it sounds like you will be importing Customers, Invoices, Suppliers, and Bills. Please note that you have to import each of these separately).
  4. The next screen prompts you to browse for the applicable excel or CSV file. There is also a link to download a sample file. I recommend taking a look at that file so that you can see what information is required by QuickBooks Online.
  5. After selecting the file, follow the prompts to map the fields in the file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Online.
  6. Once that's completed, confirm that the data looks correct in the preview screen and complete the import.

Your invoices and other data from QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online will now be in sync. If this doesn't quite hit the mark, or if you need any further clarification please reply to this thread!

Level 3

Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for your detail message.

I was able to import Bill, into QuickBooks Online. I don't find Vendor Payment option in import.

Also I can import Invoice, but no customer payment.

Another piece I'd like to import is Pay Cheque from Desktop to Online - HOW ? Please note I do not have Payroll subscription on my QuickBooks Online. We do payroll on Desktop.

Thanks, Akhtar

Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online

Hello Akhtar,

I'm glad that the previous message was helpful for you. Let's ensure that we get all the necessary data imported into your QuickBooks Online company file.

Importing the vendor and customer payments will be a bit different than the process to import invoices and bills. After importing your invoices and bills, you'll need to import an Excel/CSV file containing bank transactions for the previous business activities. Once all the bank transactions are imported, you can then match them to the appropriate bills and invoices. The system then records the bill payments and invoice payments upon matching.

The steps to retrieve the business's bank transactions are:

  1. Sign in to your bank or credit card’s website.
  2. Look for and follow your bank’s steps to download transactions. Every financial institution has different steps.
  3. Check the date range for the download. You'll want to include the dates for all the invoices and bills that were imported to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Download your transactions. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it, like your computer's desktop.

Once you have your bank transactions, you'll need to import them into QuickBooks Online's bank feed. Here's how:

  1. In QuickBooks Online, go to the Banking/Transactions menu. Then select the Banking tab.
  2. Select the Link account dropdown menu and then Upload from file.
  3. Select Browse and then select the file you downloaded from your bank. Then select Next.
  4. In the QuickBooks account dropdown, select the account you want to upload the transactions into. Then select Next.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps to match the columns on the file with the correct fields in QuickBooks. Then select Next.
  6. When you’re ready, select Let's go.

You'll then have bank transactions in your bank feed. Once this is complete, you should notice some of the transactions showing "matching records" as the bill and invoices were imported before. You'll then need to match the transactions to those forms by:

  1. Find a downloaded transaction with the Match option in the Action column.
  2. Note the Date, Description, Payee, and amount spent or received.
  3. Select the downloaded transaction to expand the view.
  4. Review the Matching records found. This is the possible matching transactions (invoices or bills) you already entered in QuickBooks.
  5. Select the link next to each match to get more details.
  6. Make sure this is the correct match. In particular, review the Deposit to, Payment method, and Bank account fields on forms for the existing transaction in QuickBooks.
  7. If this is the correct match, close the open transaction.
  8. Select Match.

Once you click Match, the system will generate an invoice or bill payment based on the transaction. I've linked the following Community articles for further reference if needed:


QuickBooks Online doesn't have the ability to import pay cheques from QuickBooks Desktop. Normally when switching from Desktop to Online, year-to-date amounts for employees are entered within the payroll module. I know you're not using payroll in QuickBooks Online so for these transactions, you may need to consult an accountant to determine how to record the past pay cheques via journal entries. This is because you may need to set up different payroll expense and liability accounts in QuickBooks Online to properly record the pay cheques. If you're not already connected to your accountant in QuickBooks Online, you can invite them to view your books by going to the My Accountant tab and entering their email address to send an invite. If you don't have an accountant, you can click Find a pro to help to search for a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor who can assist you.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can clarify anything or assist you further.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Parallel Run after Conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO - QuickBooks Online


You need an importer tool to import some transaction types (e.g Bill Payment, Receive Payments)


The template should be like these


Bill Payments

RefNumberAPAccountVendorTxnDateBank or CC AccountPrivateNoteCurrencyExchangeRateToBePrintedBillApplyToLineAmount
2001 Staples01/11/2020CheckingBill Payment  N101375,53
3454 Green's Taxi Service01/11/2020CheckingBill Payment  N185125,13
321901 Federal Express01/11/2020CheckingBill Payment  N201264,07


Receive Paayments

128/11/202050245Janice JohnsonCheckChecking101100,00   
228/11/20204908Leonard Walker IncCheckChecking102138,78   
328/11/20204908Lisa SmithCheckChecking103126,50   


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