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Paystub Format


Is there a way to format the paystub?  I don't see it as an option under templates.

The default format doesn't even include our company logo, and it would be easier to read if it was a bigger font with bigger line spacing.

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QuickBooks Team

Paystub Format

Hi BM6294. Thanks for reaching out in the Community! I'd be happy to guide you.


At this time, it is not possible to customize the paystub template in QuickBooks Online. However, you can still add your company logo to the paystub by following these steps:


1. Go to the Settings menu and select Payroll Settings.
2. Under Preferences, select Pay Cheque.
3. Click on Upload Logo and select the image file of your company logo.
4. Click on Save.

This will add your company logo to the paystub. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the font size or line spacing of the paystub at this time.  


This would be a great opportunity to leave feedback, which you can share with our product development team via these steps: How do I submit feedback? The team reviews the feedback sent to them and considers it for future updates to the program, so it's a good way to share with us how QuickBooks Online could be enhanced to optimize your payroll.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Level 1

Paystub Format

I am using Desktop and don't see that option to add the company logo.

Henock K
QuickBooks Team

Paystub Format

Hi BM6294,

Thanks for joining this thread. Based on what you've described, I recommend contacting our support team outside of the community. They'll be able to point you in the right direction regarding the paystub format. You can review this article to reach out to our support team.


Let me know if you have questions, I'll be happy to help.

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