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QB-2016: I receive Bills from Different Departments of same Vendor

I receive Multiple Bills from Different Departments of the Same Vendor and All Bill Payments go to the same Vendor's Account Payable.

If I set up each Department as a Separate Vendor, then I am not able to pay All Bills with one Cheque. What would be my best solution?

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Alex M
QuickBooks Team

QB-2016: I receive Bills from Different Departments of same Vendor

Hi there CA4TMG,


It's vital that all your transactions be entered properly in your books so that your account balances can be accurate. QuickBooks Desktop is a great tool able to help you keep track of vendor balance so that you know how much you owe your suppliers. I can provide some information about vendor payments.


Payments for bills can only be applied to the bills of one vendor, so in order to pay them all with one payment, you'd need to record all these bills under one vendor. You could also keep them as separate vendors, but you would need to divide the payments as separate payments for each one of the vendors in question.


If you have any other questions feel free to reach out here.

Level 2

QB-2016: I receive Bills from Different Departments of same Vendor

Hi Alex,

I think that I might have found a solution that works for both of my recent Questions. I would like your thoughts ...

I need to be able to Pay Bills to a single Vendor (to keep the number of Issued Checks to a more reasonable number) so single Vendor for all Departments is a good solution; however, I also need to keep Track of Vendor Bills and Bill Payments by each Department separately (the different Departments have different Payment Terms).

For Customers, I can create separate Jobs but there is not a similar feature for Vendors (at least not in the QB version that I have).

Here is my solution that I would like your feedback on:

1. This Vendor's Bill has a Department and Date but does not have a unique Reference Number. I figured out that IF I enter the Department and Date as the Reference Number, I have a unique Reference Number that allows me to enter Multiple Bills for Same Vendor and keep each Department Bill separate. (this was my other question posted).

2. I created a Class for the Vendor and then Created unique Sub-Classes for each Vendor's Department. I am not familiar with Class so I am hoping that using Class will aid me in keeping track of Each Vendor's Department's Bills. And hopefully, I will be able to easily retrieve each Department's Bill and associated Payment.

Alex, what are your thoughts on this possible solution?

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