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QBO Payroll Reporting by deduction and pay period


A client is having a multi-year payroll audit. Some reports are from SAGE50, which was the software I converted them from. The auditor prefers the SAGE50 reports and is requesting different QBO reports.


Since QBO doesn't allow for CPP & EI to be tracked to separate GL accounts, how can I customize a report that will isolate the CPP & EI expense and liability amounts by pay period and by employee? Every report I've tried doesn't seem to have the customization I need.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Alex M
QuickBooks Team

QBO Payroll Reporting by deduction and pay period

Hi there StephK108,


It's vital that all your payroll information be entered correctly for your books to be well-balanced. QuickBooks Online is a great tool able to help you pay your employees for their hours worked by either cheque or direct deposit. I can provide some information about reports.


One possible report that could help would be the Payroll details report, which can be found in the Payroll section of the reports tab. This can show the deduction totals per employee per pay run, as well as the amount per contribution, and pay type. It can be customized to show or hide some information, but in order to show EI and CPP based on the info you've provided, you'd need to make sure these settings are set up in this way:


In the what to include section:


  1. Total and details is selected
  2. Employer Taxes and Contributions is checked
  3. Employee taxes and deductions is also selected

At the top of the report:


  1. Make sure the date range is accurate 

In order to export this report to Excel, PDF, or print the PDF, you can click on the Share button.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

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QBO Payroll Reporting by deduction and pay period

Thanks, Alex M. I'll provide those and hopefully they work better for her! 

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