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Quickbooks balance

There is a discrepancy between my QBO balance and my bank balance.

I deleted and then re-created an entry that had previously been reconciled. 

When I tried to do a new reconciliation, QBO told me my beginning balance was wrong. I was able to reconcile my account once I further edited the re-created entry to say 'R'. 

However now my QBO balance is over by the amount of the entry. 

How do I fix this please.

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Level 1

Quickbooks balance

Fixed it - the re-created entry was added rather than matched to invoice in banking

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks balance

Hey there AndreaRogers,


Thanks for reaching out here. I'm happy to see that you have solved your discrepancy issue. Thanks for sharing it with the Community!


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.



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