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Quickbooks Desktop 2022 R4 cause Windows file explorer to stop working

After installing Quickbooks Desktop 2022 R4 Windows file explorer crashing after 10 to 20 seconds. Intuit support was no help in this matter. Support says this is a Windows issue. After doing a full windows system restore where I had Quickbooks Desktop 2022 R3 installed everything worked normally. Also doing a system restore using the last working restore worked also.

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Quickbooks Desktop 2022 R4 cause Windows file explorer to stop working

It's great to have you here, @jcwong.


Thanks for joining the community and letting us know about this update issue. Also, we appreciate sharing the workaround here in the community to help other users, incase they encounter the same issue.


The Release 4 (R4) for QuickBooks 2022 was released last December 2021. This update is released to ensure the system is compliant with the most current Canada payroll tax laws. 


For now, we really need you to continue working with our Support Team to report this problem to our engineers. Our live support handles escalations with QuickBooks Desktop issues, so you can request them to look into it for you. I know you've already called them, but we're unable to review your account and company file in this public forum.


To get a live representative, use the following steps in your account:


  1. On your QuickBooks company file, click the Help menu.
  2. Tap the QuickBooks Desktop Help option.
  3. Press Contact us on the pop-up box.
  4. Click on the Search for Something else button then type your concern in the Ask us anything box.
  5. Hit Search, then scroll down to get your contact options.


You can also use this link to contact us and see our support availability: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support.


I want to make sure you're taken care of, please come back here anytime for updates and additional questions. I'll be right here if you need other help.

Level 1

Quickbooks Desktop 2022 R4 cause Windows file explorer to stop working

I have used the chat and talked to Intuit. The only point they had that my computer did not have enough memory to run Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2022 R4. I have installed this new version of Quickbooks on a gaming desktop with 16 GB of system ram and Windows File explorer keeps still crashing, when I use Quickbooks.

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