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Level 2

Recent changes in QB Time

Since yesterday, when displaying Time Entries, the viewable area has suddenly been limited to about 22.5 rows.  There is a second scroll bar to scroll this "sub-frame" within the browser window.  Anyone else notice this?  Really frustrating.  Now I can't even view a whole days worth of time entries at once.

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QuickBooks Team

Recent changes in QB Time

Hi Nezzer,


Thanks for reaching out here.  QuickBooks Time is a great feature for employees to track their own hours.  I can see how you'd benefit from having the ability to view all entries in one window.  I'll be happy to help!


With the information you've provided, I suggest reaching out To QuickBooks Time support.  This will provide an opportunity for them to take a look at the situation from their end and provide additional information with the outcome you've experienced.  


Please don't hesitate to reach back out with other questions.  We'd be glad to assist!

Level 2

Recent changes in QB Time

Thanks. I did.  They say they are aware of the issue, and looking into it. Which sounds to me like they made a code change for some back-end reason, and didn't care how the user interface was affected.  I hope they can see this from the user's point of view - it is just one more little annoyance or deficiency in QB Time that pushes me toward choosing a competitor's product (Karbon, Caseware Time, Client Track, etc)

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