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Single Quickbooks account for multiple Businesses

I'm looking into integrating QB with a Shopify website. I would like to have a single account that manages two businesses though so I do have some questions on how this would work, if possible. If we say BUSINESS A is the main account, and BUSINESS B is the additional how would the following work?

1. BUSINESS B receives a new order, is this customer inputted into the database?

1a. Does the invoice show BUSINESS B or BUSINESS A?
1b. What does an order look like for this?

2. If I only do CUSTOM items, do I require a new SKU/Barcode for each one?

Thank you!

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Single Quickbooks account for multiple Businesses

You need a 3rd party app to connect one QBO account to multiple Shopify accounts.


Single Quickbooks account for multiple Businesses

Glad to have you here, @chlam101.


I'm joining the thread to add additional information for Fiat Lux - Asia's answer. I want you to know that we have an app website that you can visit to check if there's a match for your requirements.


You may also visit our app store to look for apps that you can integrate to QBO.  Here's how:


  1. Click this link to our site: QuickBooks Online Applications
  2. Update the flag in the upper-right section of the page to Canada.
  3. Enter the keyword "Shopify", then press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Check the suggestions from the results.


We also have another forum called Intuit Developers, where you can find engineers who can recommend third-party applications for you to use. In this website, you can connect with people who can help with app integrations, take part in software developments and innovate business tools for QuickBooks. Here's the link to the website: Intuit Developers Community.


Please visit us again for updates if you have selected the tool for your business, or if you need further help with this data import question. I'd be happy to share further insights with you. All the best.

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