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T4A mapping

How do I determine which accounts are being mapped where for T4A'S?  For a non-profit foundation that awards scholarships, I need to give the years recipients T4A'S.  Each recipient is set up as a vendor with the option clicked recipient eligible for T4A.  But when I run the reports everything is being mapped to the box for fees and services rather than box 105 for scholarships and bursaries.  Please Help!

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QuickBooks Team

T4A mapping

Hi jpercival,


It sounds like you've got a grasp on how to set up your vendors to produce T4As. It's just another one of the great ways that QuickBooks Desktop helps you cut down on the work you need to do to manage your business. I'm happy to go over the options for T4As with you.


QuickBooks Desktop Canada helps you track T4As for the purpose of paying subcontractors, which is why things are showing up in the Fees and Services box. While that form can be used for other things, such as bursaries and scholarships like you're intending, it's not something the program can do at this time. When you create transactions for your T4A vendor, the program automatically maps it to boxes, but there's no way to configure it to map to Box 105. For your reference, here's more about T4As in Desktop: T4As and T5018 forms


I recommend leaving feedback about this for our product engineers. It's great way to let us know how we can enhance the program to make managing your business even easier. To leave feedback, simply go to Help in QuickBooks and choose Send Feedback Online.


I'm here if you have more questions. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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T4A mapping

Hello @jpercival ,


This has been a thorn in my side for many years.  Just moments ago, I sent feedback online about this prior to seeing your post.  I've asked them to allow all the Boxes in the T4A be available for negative and positive adjustments.  Currently, only positive adjustments are possible so you can add the amount you need to Box 105; you just can't remove the amount from Box 48, which is silly in my opinion.  This is what I have to do year after year to get my T4A's filed:


1. While in "review" mode in the T4A forms, enter amounts needed in other boxes on the T4A by double-clicking in the white space and entering the amount.

2.  Save/Print T4A as a PDF.

3.  Edit the PDF with a PDF editor by drawing a box around the amount in Box 48, and attributing a white outline and fill to the box.  I supposed you could print it, white-out Box 48, and then re-scan it, but then there can be print quality issues.

4.  Print the T4A's and summary.


And here's the rub:


5.  Put T4A's and Summary in an envelope and mail them to the CRA prior to the Feb 28 deadline.


Really, you ask???  In this day and age of electronic filing?  Unfortunately, yes.  You cannot e-file the T4A's because the amount you need to report will show up in both boxes on the T4A; Box 48 and the correct box you've added it to.  If you e-file them as is, the CRA will assume the total amount to be double what it should be.


I'm really not sure what is so difficult about adding the ability to type in a negative number to adjust the boxes on the form, but despite feedback on this issue, QB has seen fit not to enable that capability, forcing many of its users to manually file T4A's.


Hope this helps somewhat.  Good luck!


ADDENDUM:  You also don't necessarily have to print and mail the T4A's to CRA.  You can use Web Forms to file the T4A's electronically.  Sorry, I had forgotten about that.  You can still do the PDF trick to get accurate printed copies for yourself and the recipient of the T4A, but you can enter the amounts in the boxes where you want them online, using WebForms to file.  You will need your Access code, similar to filing the T4's.  Not quite as slick as being able to transmit them directly from Quickbooks, but is the next best thing.



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T4A mapping



Rochelley posted this  in Jan 2021. We still do not have option to enter negative amounts in T4As.

Do we have any update on this?





QuickBooks Team

T4A mapping

Hey there Kanch,


Thanks for joining in on this thread. There haven't been any updates for this feature yet. I recommend leaving feedback for our developers by following the directions above.

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T4A mapping

I just experienced the same issue.  We had an employee pass away, and we paid a death benefit to his wife.  This needs to be reported on the T4A, box 106.


QB automatically calculates, and populates box 48.  As with the OP, I tried to overwrite it, and even spent 1h on the phone with support.  They were beyond clueless, and ended up telling me that "Pro" doesn't have this feature, but "Premier" does.


Intuit, why do you have such contempt for your users?  You continually increase our subscription fees, but are completely deaf to the feedback on this form.  It is two years after the original post, please don't tell me to submit feedback given that it has already fallen on deaf ears!

QuickBooks Team

T4A mapping

Hi cancoder,


Thanks for joining us here.  When it comes to entering adjustments, you'll want to ensure all dollar values are entered with no comma for amounts in the thousands, but place a decimal when adding cents.  You'll simply add the minus sign before the negative amount as explained in this helpful guide.


Feel free to reach out again if  you have other questions.  We'd be glad to assist!

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T4A mapping

We are having a similar problem.  We have a number of contractors who need T4A's for their services. These same vendors sometime incur expenses for which they are reimbursed; these are not fees for services, and shouldn't be included in the T4A.


We are not about to create new vendor accounts for these individuals when we reimburse expenses, but the inability to enter a negative adjustment means we can't correct the T4A's, and have to go through the manual filing process.


Any help would be welcome.

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T4A mapping

Despite your assurance in this reply, Quickbooks Desktop does not allow negative adjustments to the T4A form for contractors, which makes this feature unusable. The link you provided only applies to the T4, not the T4A.

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T4A mapping

I have the same issue, a lot of my clients are non for profits and require to file T4A with box 105, but QBD still is not allowing accountants to prepare correct T4A. When will it change??? ITs now year 2024! This little and to some clients very big imperfections what make it difficult to promote QBD or QBO to clients.


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