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sending emails to vendors when paying invoices directly

We have been paying more and more vendors using online banking instead of issuing physical cheques.  This works well except that the vendor no longer receives a cheque stub with the details as to which invoices we are paying.

What I have been doing is printing the payment records from print forms to pdf, saving it to the hard drive and then emailing each vendor individually with the form attached.  This is tedious as under print forms you can only select one at a time otherwise you get one document with multiple payment records for mutliple vendors.  And then we have to create a separate email with their own form attached which can only be done manually.

Is there not a way that we could send emails directly from QuickBooks (desktop)?  Similar to sending invoices to customers.  If we could mark each payment with a "send email" indicator and then run a batch at the end of the day this would reduce the workload significantly.

Thanks for your help


QuickBooks Team

sending emails to vendors when paying invoices directly

Hi Joanne,


Thanks for the details about what you're currently doing with the program to make sure your vendors receive the bill payment stubs. It's great that you've figured out a way to do this, even if it is a bit clunky. I hear what you're saying about wanting an easier way to cut down on the time and effort spent to get these sent out.


At this time, there isn't a way to send these stubs from QuickBooks to your vendors. I recommend continuing to use the process you've got going as well as submitting feedback about this to the product development team. It's only a few simple steps.


  1. Select Help from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Send Feedback Online.

The comments sent through this feature go directly to the team and are a great way of sharing with us what features we can introduce to the product to make your bookkeeping even easier. Many of QuickBooks Desktop's current features were suggestions from users just like you!


Don't hesitate to ask more questions. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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sending emails to vendors when paying invoices directly

Hello Joanne, 


I am currently using a similar process to yours and I agree,  it is tedious! I hope Quickbooks can add this feature soon as it would significantly cut down on my time when paying my Vendors.


The only thing I do a little different than your process is I "print to PDF" the whole payment batch, save that file and open in Adobe. This may save you a little time until Quickbooks adds the feature ... hint hint ;)


When in Adobe I select each page and re-save under your preferred file name.


To do this I click on the arrow running along the left hand side of your window, then click on the icon with two pages at the top of the small menu, this should open up another menu bar on the left-hand side and you will see thumbnails of each Bill Payment Stub. Then I right-click on each thumbnail and select print, then select the "print to PDF" and save each separately.


I feel this saves me a little bit of time. Hope I have explained it clear enough and it helps you in the meantime!


Thanks, Kera

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sending emails to vendors when paying invoices directly

Thank you for that suggestion, Kera!  I am still frustrated that QuickBooks doesn't have a way to email these bill payment stubs within their Send Forms menu, but your method does at least save a little more time than how I was doing it!