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The Intuit Community Champions Program



We are excited to announce the launch of the Intuit Community Champions program. This program will unite our top contributors from QuickBooks, ProConnect, TurboTax, Mint, and Turbo Communities in a way we have never done previously.


We’d love to share with you how the program works, and welcome questions you may have. We hope you are as excited as we are!


What are the benefits of becoming an Intuit Community Champion?

  • Network with fellow Champions and Intuit representatives in a dedicated members-only space, and share your feedback to improve Intuit products and services
  • Invites to exclusive events, training, and beta tests
  • Receive Champion-only badges and options to certify and personalize your Community profile
  • Participate in in-person local events.
  • Fun Intuit giveaways and special Champions-only surprises 


How much does it cost to be part of the Community Champions program?

There is no cost to become a member of the program.


How can I be considered for the Community Champions program?

If you are an active contributor in our community you can apply at any time, however, the guidelines below will improve your chances of approval:

  • When you have been a member for 6 months
  • By displaying the ideal attributes of a Community Champion (see below)

If you feel you make the grade, you can apply! We accept new candidates each quarter.


What makes an ideal Community Champion?

  • Respect: Champions always act with respect, knowing that there is a member behind each question and username.
  • Openness: Champions create content to share what they know and also learn from others.
  • Involvement: Champions see the benefit of networking and sharing experiences in the Community.
  • Advocacy: Champions are advocates of our products and embrace the Intuit mission and values.


How does the application process work?

  • Receive a Nomination: For current SuperUsers, you will skip nominations and move directly to step three: Apply. We are counting on our current SuperUsers, however, who know our communities best, to keep an eye out for prospective Champions. Nomination forms will be available in all communities.
  • Application Review: The Intuit Community team will review all applications, taking great consideration into the nominee’s current community activity.
  • Application: Nominees who pass the review process will be asked to fill out an application form, NDA, and agree to the Champion Code of Conduct.
  • Acceptance: Congrats! This step is when your profile will be updated and we formally welcome into the program (with celebratory swag, of course).
  • Renewal/Removal: On a yearly basis, we will review and renew current Champions. On a quarterly basis, we will invite new Champions into the program.


How much commitment is required to be a Community Champion?

Regular contributions to the Community are expected in order to be a part of the program, but if you’d like to take some time away, that’s ok too. We will review and renew each Champion program membership annually.


What will happen to the existing All-Star/Superuser programs?

The previous Superuser and All-Star programs across Intuit will be retired with the launch of the Community Champions program. Don’t fret, all existing Superusers and All-Stars will be grandfathered into the new program for the first year.


How do I nominate someone to be an Intuit Community Champion?

Simply fill out the nomination form.

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