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Customer Average Day to Pay Report

There are numerous threads about this subject in the community.  None with any resolution to the requests for this vital report like the one that is available in the QB Desktop version.


Will QuickBooks Online team develop this report or not?  Simple question.  Yes or no?


If Yes, then what is the ETA?  If no, our firm will explore moving to another accounting software platform.  Please be honest QB so we can make a decision for our company.

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Customer Average Day to Pay Report

Hi TSC Solutions


I agree this report would be useful.  Have you submitted this idea via the feedback option in the application under the gear icon?  That's where most of their customer ideas get actioned into function.  I've submitted the idea as well as if they just add a paid date to the Invoice List by Date report (then you could export the info to excel and generate the report from there).



Level 1

Customer Average Day to Pay Report

Hi Lance,


Yes, we (along with countless others) have requested this feature in QBO for years with only vague references to "work around" solutions that typically don't work.  As you probably know, QB Desktop version had this feature, but so far QB have ignored requests to offer it in the online version.  Just go research the many threads that mention this requirement and QB's dismissive approach to responses.

I believe QB finally turned off the request line for this feature; I can not find any ETA for when this feature will be offered in QBO.  I "resurrected" this subject in hopes someone at QB would finally step and say either No, we are not offering this in QBO; or, give us an ETA for this feature to be turned on.  To date, no one @ QB has had the courage to take this on and give a resolute answer.

I appreciate yours and anyone else's help to spur QB along on this feature as I can only assume by the lack of meaningful responses from QB that they are hoping we'll just give up asking.

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