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Job Costing Report customization allows employees to see payroll data

We have project managers who need access to job costing reports. In particular, we often use the job profitability detail report. We need them to see the lump sum payroll costs associated with the job by service item as well. I have noticed that while they cannot click on and open a paycheque once in the service item cost breakdown, they can customize the report to include "source name" which shows the employees name in which you can determine their wage. I have tried every customizable option for permissions and it seems to be a all or nothing feature. Either they can see service items and figure out rate of pay, or see no service items by which the job costing report is inaccurate, as that data is not pulled in. Can someone please help me with this so people don't have access to this sensitive data, but can still run their project reports effectively. Thanks.

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QuickBooks Team

Job Costing Report customization allows employees to see payroll data

Hi Twincon,


Welcome back to Community!  I can see how concerning it is when users have access to sensitive information.  QuickBooks Desktop is a dynamic program that provides options for user roles and restrictions.  I'd be glad to assist!


When users who don't have payroll permissions but can see payroll information on reports, you can remove sensitive reporting by following these steps;


1. Sign into QuickBooks as the Admin

2. Open the Company menu > Set Up Users and Passwords > Set Up Users

3. Select the user and hit Edit User

4. Continue with the Change User Password and Access wizard to remove sensitive reporting access.


Should you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us outside of Community.  Our Customer Care team would be happy to work with you directly and ensure you're able to accomplish your QuickBooks goals as soon as possible!


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach back out.  We're here for you!



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Job Costing Report customization allows employees to see payroll data

Hi Trish,


Thanks for the reply, however this provides no information on how to resolve the issue I am experiencing. There is no option to "remove sensitive reporting" functionality in the steps you provided. I have spoke with someone on the phone and they indicated they were unable to help me. However, I am seeing if there are other options or work arounds that someone else may know of.


Are there specific steps you can provide to show me how to remove sensitive reporting? As I've explained, I've already modified the permissions  and it seems its either an all or nothing option. If I can remove permissions to customize reports that might be my easiest option.



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