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Where has QBO moved teh PD7A reports

they are no longer under payroll tax filings why did they move these
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QuickBooks Team

Where has QBO moved teh PD7A reports

Hi evelyn25,


It's a pleasure to see you in Community.  Welcome!  QuickBooks Online Payroll is a dynamic way to pay your staff with confidence.  It's important that you're able to locate your statement of current source deductions, to ensure your remittance is paid on time.  I'd be happy to help!


Follow these steps to locate the PD7A;

1. From the left menu, open Taxes and then Payroll tax

2. Select the Payments tab

3. Scroll to the bottom and choose All payments resources

4. Click on Remittance forms (monthly)

That's it!


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out.  We're always glad to assist!




Level 1

Where has QBO moved teh PD7A reports

It is unclear if when making payroll tax payments with a payroll subscription if QBO is sending the PD7A to the government when a payment is ran.  Does my client have to choose the automated payroll option for QBO to send tax payment remittances to CRA or is this included with the QBO payroll subscription when she hits make a tax payment.  Also, My client is not clear if she can still choose cheque payment and pay her employees by E-trf as normal, if she were to set-up for the automated QBO payroll. 

QuickBooks Team

Where has QBO moved teh PD7A reports

Hi Jorees9,


Thanks for joining us here.  Welcome!  QuickBooks Online will create and process payroll tax forms if you've completed the steps to set up e-file and e-pay.  With regards to Auto Payroll, paycheques will be automatically created, even if you pay your employees with paper cheques or direct deposit.  You can also manage your Auto Payroll, to make temporary or permanent changes.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with other questions or concerns.  It would be our pleasure to work with you directly and ensure you're on the right track with your QuickBooks Online Payroll goals!


If you have additional questions or concerns, let us know.  We're here for you!

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