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Why are the wages not showing up on the Profit and Loss by Customer report?

I have a bunch of unspecified wages in the Profit and Loss by Customer Report.  Seems to be a recent problem.
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QuickBooks Team

Why are the wages not showing up on the Profit and Loss by Customer report?

Hello DKay,


Welcome to Community! QuickBooks Online enables you to customize reports, so you can see what matters most.  I'd be glad to help!


When transactions are missing from your profit and loss report, there's a few things to review.  Check the Report period and select the appropriate Accounting method for the report.  If you select the Accrual method, your business reports income and expenses for completed and pending transactions.  If you've selected the Cash method, your business only reports the income and expenses for completed transactions.  Here's a helpful guide for your reference, to assist with missing transactions on the Profit and Loss report.  You'll also see Not Specified in the reports when a transaction doesn't have a customer assigned, if using Projects. To fix this, you can edit each transaction and make sure that there is a customer assigned to them.  Here's how you can add existing expenses to a project or add new transactions to a project


If you experience the same result, please don't hesitate to contact us outside of Community.  We'd love the opportunity to work with you directly, and ensure your data is complete when running reports in QuickBooks online.



Level 1

Why are the wages not showing up on the Profit and Loss by Customer report?

I reported this problem in Feb of 23 when we upgraded to QB Advanced. It was not resolved and finally a year later after supplying many reports to tech support, received the following message:

"After reviewing your inquiry, the back-end development team has confirmed that the Payroll Expenses no longer sort by customer or supplier on the Profit and Loss report. While it may have been available at some point, it is no longer an option at this time. If you would like to see this feature reinstated, we encourage you to provide feedback using the feedback section under your gear icon. Your input is valuable to us, and we appreciate your time and attention."

Very disappointed to receive the message about payroll expenses not appearing on the Customer P&L report. This is a basic report that is vital to businesses in measuring financial success with customer jobs. I strongly encourage the back-end team revisit this matter, and suggest that if they were bookkeepers or running a business, they would not use QBO software for their bookkeeping due to this issue. 

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