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Batch Edit Invoices

I upgraded to Online Advanced because I thought there was an option batch edit invoices. I can't find it on the New + menu, where I had expected to see it.

I see a Batch Actions button on the invoices screen, with an 'Edit' button, but pushing it doesn't seem to do anything? What should that button be doing?


I need to change the date on a whole month of transactions, and doing them individually is not an option.

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QuickBooks Team

Batch Edit Invoices

Hi b_mccall,


It's nice to see you in Community!  Having the ability to batch edit invoices in QuickBooks Online Advanced would be a great time saver.  I'll be happy to provide some insight here!


Based on the information you've provided, the option to batch edit invoices in the fashion that you desire isn't available in Canada.  However, you can reach out to your accountant and they'll be able to reclassify the items for you.  If you don't have an accountant, we can assist you with locating a ProAdvisor in your area.  In addition, please don't hesitate to submit a suggestion to our Development team for feature updates and product enhancements.


Feel free to reach back out with other questions.  We'd be glad to assist!

Level 1

Batch Edit Invoices

Hi Trish, I appreciate your help!


This is what has been promised for QBO Advanced. It specifies batch editing invoices, and a rollout date. Is this no longer a planned feature?

QuickBooks Online Advanced is coming to Canada! 


I have the ability to reclassify, but I don't see an option to change dates, just accounts or tax codes.


Can you provide a screenshot of what the Batch Actions > Edit button that I do have access to is supposed to do? I'm wondering if I can't see what it is trying to open.

batch edit screencap.png


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