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Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

We send out donation receipts to our donors. When I send them by email, QB gnerates a pdf attachment named "Sales Receipt <#> from <Charity Name>". How can I change the receipt name to be generated as "Donation Receipt <#> from <Charity Name>"?

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QuickBooks Team

Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

Hello yybenedb,


Thanks for getting in touch here in the community! We love having non-profits and charities that can make use of the program. I hear what you're saying about wanting the emails sent to say Donor Receipt instead of Sales Receipt. I can help you with this.


The name given to the PDF sent out is generated automatically by the program and there isn't currently a way to change what it says. However, I have another option for indicating these are donation receipts that may work for you.


QuickBooks Desktop gives you the ability to set up email templates which give you the opportunity to change the wording sent out in the emails to your customers. It's just a few easy steps.


  1. Select Edit from the top menu.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Click Send Forms in the left menu.
  4. Go to the Company Preferences tab.
  5. Choose the appropriate template from the Show drop-down menu.
  6. Choose Add Template.
  7. Give the template a name.
  8. Set to Default to use it.
  9. Change the wording in the subject line to Donor Receipt.
  10. Change the email body as needed.
  11. Click Save when done.

Learn more about customizing email templates here: Customize email templates in QuickBooks Desktop 


Note that there isn't a way to change the email templates between the forms, so whatever is default will be used across the transactions of the same form type. For instance, if you set the Donor template as the default, all sales receipts no matter what will use this template. I recommend manually changing the subject and body of the emails as you send them if you're needing to send something other than what the default wording is.


That should get you on your way! Don't hesitate if you have more questions.

Level 2

Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

Thank you. I had figured that out and done it already. I just find the attachment name to be confusing despite the correct subject line.Do you know if this will be coreected in a future release? I just upgraded to 2020 but alas.....

QuickBooks Team

Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

It's awesome that you've upgraded to QuickBooks Desktop 2020. I don't have information about when certain features will be addressed, but I can appreciate the desire for a timeline. If you didn't do so already, I recommend submitting feedback about this by going to the Help menu and choosing Send Feedback Online. The comments left through this feature are directed to our product development team. Many of the features that exist in the program today were requested by users like you, so it's a great way to share what you're looking for!

Level 1

Changing (default) Name of Generated pdf Receipt to be Emailed

We are having the same issue.  It's so dumb that the donation receipt file name says "cash sale", when it's not a SALE at all.  It is very confusing for donors, that's for sure.  It is such a simple coding fix but Intuit continues to ignore all of us that have this issue.  It's very disappointing that this hasn't yet been corrected in our 9th year of using QB.  If I wouldn't have to start all over to learn a new software, I would switch to a more advanced financial software that keeps up with the evolution of our nonprofit.  

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