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How can i see all of 2021 invoices?

need to  see monthly income from 2021 
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Alex M
QuickBooks Team

How can i see all of 2021 invoices?

Hi there hartandsoncleani,


It's vital that all your transactions are correctly entered so that your books can be well balanced. QuickBooks Online is a great tool able to keep track of sales transactions so you can see the income your company made in a set period. I can point you in the right direction to see your invoices.


In order to see all invoices for a given period, you can go to the Reports tab, then scroll down to the Who owes you section. Click on the Invoice list, then you can put the date range to be for Last year, and you can even use the Group by menu to group them by month.


If you're looking to see other transactions for income and not just the invoices, you Can go to the Sales and customers section of the reports tab, and choose to run a Sales by Customer detail report, then change the Group by option to Month.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

Level 5

How can i see all of 2021 invoices?

To be clear, your invoices for any month might not be the same as your income for any month for a couple of reasons:  1. unpaid invoices are still income  2. tax is on the invoice, but not revenue.  So do you want to see the invoices, or do you want to see the revenue? 


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