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How to apply over due interest to invoice

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QuickBooks Team

How to apply over due interest to invoice

Hello -basilav-com,


Thanks for reaching out to us here.  Although there currently isn't an option to automatically apply late fees, QuickBooks Online does enable you to manually add them to your invoices, as you see necessary. I'd be happy to show you how!


To get started, you'll need to create a late fee item, so you can add a detailed description to your invoices. Here's how;


1. Open your Settings ⚙ and select Products and services

2. Hit New, then choose Service

3. Enter a Name, such as Late Fee

4. From the Category ▼ dropdown, select the category that best describes the fee. Find out more about item categories.

5. Complete the remaining fields, as you feel necessary

6. Select Save and close.

Note: If you don't charge a standard fee, you can always change the fee amount on the invoice.


Follow these steps to add the fee to invoices;


1. Open Sales from the left menu and then Invoices 

2. Select the invoice you want to add a service fee to

3. Edit invoice

4. From the Product/Service ▼ dropdown, select the service fee you created

5. In the Amount field, enter the amount of the service fee 

6. In the Message on invoice section, add a note about the fee

7. Hit Save and send or Save and close.


Feel free to reach out again with other questions. We're always glad to assist!

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