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How to create a custom invoice?

I have been working on trying to upload a custom invoice template (.docx) to QBO and get to stage 3 (PDF Preview) where the box is blank.  Stage 2 (Matching Fields) works fine. I will attach the .docx that I have been working on. Any help is great! Thanks.

PS - I have tried clearing my cookies and trying it in Incognito mode. 


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QuickBooks Team

How to create a custom invoice?


Hi there, 


Creating custom invoice templates is such an awesome way to represent your brand image. With QuickBooks Online you can easily upload a .docx file so you can present your sales forms in a way that's unique to you and your business. I appreciate you sending the PDF version of the file you're working with. I'll explain the next steps to resolve this. 

Your document looks great so far! It looks as though you've mapped the fields correctly and ensured that each component is set up according to the instructions. 


If you're experiencing an error when you reach the PDF preview, take a look here: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates. Pay close attention to the section to "Get help if you encounter errors", located at the bottom of the article. This section will help you troubleshoot various reasons for issues when uploading your document.


If you're still unable to upload your document, there may be something specific going on with your system. Please reach out to our tech support team so we can investigate further.


I hope this helps. 


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