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Import Aged Accounts Receivable from Another Software

I want to import the Aged Accounts Receivable listing from another software program.  I do not want this import to effect profit & loss or sales taxes in QBO.

The General Ledger balance for Accounts Receivable and the sub-ledger balance of accounts receivable also needs to be in balance.  The aged accounts receivable balance also includes retainage amounts as this is a construction company.

Please advise how I can accomplish this.

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Import Aged Accounts Receivable from Another Software

Hello paul157,

@PatriciaT employee of Intuit had some great information on this that I would like to share!

With QuickBooks Online, you can import data such as.

* Invoices
* Customer
* Bank Data
* Bills
* Suppliers
* Products and Services
* Chart of Accounts
* Journal Entries

The format required for each category is a CSV file. Bank Data can also be QFX, QBO, OFX, or TXT files.

To learn more about how to import data in QuickBooks Online, here are some articles.

Move your lists to QuickBooks Online

Import journal entries in QuickBooks Online

Import your bills in QuickBooks Online

Import multiple invoices at once

I hope you find the information useful!

Kindest Regards,
Lourdes Fernandez
Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Import Aged Accounts Receivable from Another Software

Hi there paul157,


Importing data into QuickBooks Online is a fantastic option when you're migrating from another accounting software. @Lourdes-Fernandez has provided you with a ton of comprehensive articles on how and what you can import but I want to provide you with some additional information.


Reports in QuickBooks Online pull from the data that you've entered into the program. The Accounts Receivable Aging Summary or Detail report shows unpaid invoices you've entered, grouped by days past due. While you won't be able to directly import the report to bring the data into QuickBooks, you do have the option to import those invoices, which will then allow QBO to populate the correct data within the reports. You'll find the steps to do that from the articles that were linked in the reply above.


I know that importing reports into QBO would be a helpful feature. Letting our product development team know how this would be beneficial allows them to work it into the improvements they are making to the program. Have your voice heard by selecting the Gear icon then Feedback.


Have a great week! 

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