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My customers can open the details of my bills ?

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QuickBooks Team

My customers can open the details of my bills ?

Hi there footprintsforfun,


QuickBooks Self-Employed's invoice feature is designed for making sure your customers know what the charges are when they're working with you, and being able to open those details is an integral part of that process. I'm happy to go over some options with you to make sure this is taken care of and you have clear communication with your customers.


The way that QuickBooks Self-Employed invoices work is when you send them, the program gives your customer an email, where they can see a basic summary of the cost and then click View Invoice, which takes them to the online invoice portal. There, there's another summary and another View invoice button, which then loads the full invoice.


If the buttons or the online portal are where your customers are having trouble, I recommend having them start by trying to open the email and then view the invoice in another browser. QuickBooks and it's services work best in Chrome and Firefox browsers and can have trouble in other browser types, so this is a good way to see if that's what's causing the issue.


Your clients can also try clearing their browser cache or using a private browser. Here's an article that you can share with your customer that has links to instructions for how to clear cache: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues. Although the article is tagged for QuickBooks Online, the browser steps are the same regardless of which product you're using.


Should that not work, I recommend collecting as much detail from your customers as possible about what's going on and what they're seeing, then contact QuickBooks Self-Employed support. The team will be able to take that information to troubleshoot and figure out what's going on to get you back on track. Here's how to get in touch right from your Self-Employed account.

  1. Select the Assistant feature.
  2. Type and enter "talk to human."
  3. Follow the prompts to start a chat.

I hope this has helped. Enjoy the rest of your day!