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Underdeposited customer payment

My client mistakenly entered a lesser amount of the cheque deposited which left the customer's account with a balance. The invoice was for the amount of $442.40 but client deposited it at $422.40. The customer's bank charged the correct amount but our bank reflected only $422.40. How can I reconcile this so I can match the transactions with the bank? Thank you for any insight! 

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QuickBooks Team

Underdeposited customer payment

Hi kv04,


Welcome to Community!  QuickBooks Online provides the option to enter apply associated bank fees to your transactions, so you can reconcile with ease.  I'd be happy to help!


To record the bank fees and apply them to the transaction, you'll need to create an expense account.  Once this step is completed, you'll be able to resolve the difference.  Here's a helpful guide for your reference.


Should you require additional assistance, please contact us.  Your success is our number one priority and we're always glad to assist!

Level 1

Underdeposited customer payment

I don't think the difference is for the bank fees. As I said, customer paid full amount but was deposited in less than actual amount. So Quickbooks is showing that customer still has $20 balance left instead of being fully paid. I'm asking how to reconcile this so that the customer's account is cleared up.

QuickBooks Team

Underdeposited customer payment

Hi kv04,


Thanks for getting back to me here.  There are a couple of ways to edit the payment details, so it matches with the bank statement.  I'd be happy to provide both, so you can choose the best fit!


Follow these steps to edit the payment;


1. Open +New and then Receive payment

2. Click on the history icon in the top left

3. Scroll down and hit View more

4. Enter the Search fields to minimize your search

5. Locate the item in the list and select it to open the transaction

6. Ensure the Payment date and Payment method are accurate

7. Locate the associated invoice and enter the Payment amount

8. Hit Save and close


Here's how to edit the payment in the Chart of accounts;


1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Chart of accounts

2. Open the Account history in the Action column

3. Set filters as you see necessary

4. Locate and select the transaction

5. Hit Edit

6. Enter the Amount and applicable Sales tax

7. When finished, hit Save and Close

You're all set and ready to reconcile the account!


Please feel free to reach out with other questions.  We're here for you!

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