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Is the Automated Sales Tax available for Canada?

Hi! I'm currently looking into developing an application based on the API of Quickbooks Online. And I wonder if the Automated Sales Tax (AST) is supported in Canada? I could not find a definitive answer in the documentation. 





QuickBooks Team

Re: Is the Automated Sales Tax available for Canada?

Hello jplattel,


Thanks for your question. I'm excited to hear that you're working on developing an app that works with QuickBooks Online! We love when these kinds of things can enhance what the program does.


Once the sales tax is configured in the program, QuickBooks Online automatically makes the calculations for you based on the sales tax chosen. With these calculations, it lets you know how much is owed to the government or owed to you based on the transactions entered in the program. Here are a few sales tax articles to give you a sense of how it works.


If you haven't already, I recommend checking out our developer page. It's a great way to connect with other developers and get answers to your questions in a way that will help you with developing your app. Check it out here: Intuit Developer


I hope that helps! Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Re: Is the Automated Sales Tax available for Canada?

Hi Laura,


Thank you for your answer! I already found those articles and they help! But it doesn't answer my question. In the US edition of Quickbooks the Automated Sales Tax (AST) automatically calculates the tax for an invoice. This is done based on address, not on pre-entered tax codes. 

Is this automatic calculation based on addresses available for Canadian clients too?