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My tax drop down doesn't show HST

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My tax drop down doesn't show HST

Why doesn't my drop down show HST

Nick K
QuickBooks Team

My tax drop down doesn't show HST

Hi jlorimer,


Making sure your able to assign the right tax codes to your invoices and bills is key to good bookkeeping. I can help you get your HST showing up in the tax drop down.


QuickBooks Online makes it easy to add and track your sales tax on purchases and sales. If you aren't seeing HST on your drop down we need to first make sure HST is added to your sales tax by going to Taxes>Manage Sales Tax. This will show you a listing of all sales tax you have added. If you don't see HST it's a simple matter to add it to the list by going to: Add Tax>Start tracking in a new province then select the province you wish to add. For more on how to add or edit sales tax codes to your QuickBooks Online account I suggest looking through this article.


If you add it and it's still not showing on the drop down list you may need to clear your cache and cookies for your browser or try a private browser such as Google chromes incognito browser. To clear your cache and cookies you can follow the steps in this article.


Have a great day!

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