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Welcome to QuickBooks Connect London

Tune in to our 2023 kickoff keynote from Jolawn Victor, Vice President and UK Country Manager of QuickBooks.

Jolawn Victor
Vice President and UK Country Manager, Intuit QuickBooks

What’s next for QuickBooks?

Dive into the latest product innovations with QuickBooks UK Product Director Nick Williams.

Nick Williams
UK Product Director, Intuit QuickBooks

Fireside chat: Myleene Klass and Tom Kerridge

Catch Myleene and Tom’s candid 1:1 conversation about how to build and maintain momentum towards success.

Myleene Klass
Musician and presenter

Tom Kerridge
Michelin star chef

Customer panel: technology and Gen Z

Take in the importance of curiosity and trust as exemplified by accountant Eriona Bajrakurtaj of Majors Accounts & Co Ltd and Eni Shabani of the small business, Rising Ballers.

Eriona Bajrakurtaj
Managing Director, Majors Accounts

Eni Shabani
Founder and Director, Rising Ballers

Adapting to the new MTD reality

Join this session to find out:
- What (exactly) is the new timeline for MTD for income tax
- Which clients to focus on and how best to prepare them
- What your firm can do to prepare under the new timeline

Rebecca Benneyworth
Owner, Rebecca Benneyworth & Co

Discussion with HMRC about Making Tax Digital for ITSA

Join Mel Hume (HMRC), Rob Burlison (Intuit), and Simon Brook (Broadbent Accountants) in their discussion about the delay to Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA). Find out:

- What it means for your practice
- How you can optimise the delay
- HMRC’s insights on MTD going forward

Rob Burlison
Director of Corporate Affairs, International, Intuit

Mel Hume
Senior Customer Engagement Lead, HMRC

Reporting in QuickBooks

QuickBooks reports are a powerful tool that can help you manage your clients’ accounting and help your clients understand their numbers and power their growth. We’ll show you how to use QuickBooks reports to customise new clients’ files, review and clean up client data, and set up reports that give your clients insights into their business. We’ll also use the power of tags, classes, and locations; check out what's new in reporting; and explore the consolidation feature in QuickBooks Advanced.

Ros Hodgson
Trainer / Director, BCAMS Limited

QuickBooks tools & tips for onboarding clients

Using the available tools, learn how to quickly and easily clean up a QuickBooks file for a new client.

Katie Greet
Customer Trainer, Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant efficiencies in practice

In this session, you’ll get the latest updates in driving efficiencies as well as tips on how to make QuickBooks more efficient in your practice. You’ll also learn about creating wow factors for your clients.

Aaron Patrick
Director, Boffix

Supporting clients in uncertain times

Everyone has a role to play in supporting clients through uncertain times and challenges, whether national, worldwide, industry, or personal. In this session, we’ll look at our role in supporting clients in all of these situations. We’ll discuss:
- How you can support clients through challenging times and how that has improved over time
- How a great network can help you help your clients
- How helping clients can lead to more revenue and client

Johann Goree
Group Managing Director, On Point Accounting Group

How to build and serve a target market - and why

Many people talk about ‘niching’ as if it's a marketing fad. Yes, it helps your marketing, but it only really works if you truly understand how to deliver on those promises that are implied. Carl will be drawing on his experience of building a highly successful niche practice and will discuss:
- WHY you should have a target market in mind (after all, the biggest companies in the world do)
- HOW to identify a market and then to market your services to it
- HOW to go above and beyond and offer what your market truly wants (hint: it’s not accounts or tax returns)

Carl Reader
Director, BOSS IT Limited

AI: your new personal assistant

Are you an accounting professional looking for a way to expand your firm’s capabilities? AI is here to help! We'll discuss what AI is, the different types of AI tools available, and how to apply them to your daily life. From scheduling meetings and taking and transcribing notes, to generating marketing materials and more, learn how to make the most of AI technology. This talk is perfect for those who are new to AI but want to take the next step in using it to simplify their lives, and is geared towards accounting or bookkeeping professionals in an SMB setting.

Niki Selken
Manager for Design Strategy for Tech Culture, Intuit

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