An easier way to create your balance sheet

See what your business owns and what it owes - anytime

  • See your assets, liabilities and equity held at any time
  • Understand the performance of your business 
  • Avoid unexpected surprises in your accounts payable or receivable
  • Customise your balance sheet to show the things that matter to you
  • To see more detail, just click or tap a figure to see how it's made up
  • Receive your balance sheet by email - regularly and automatically

Start monitoring your balance sheet with QuickBooks

Save time and money in your business


Create your balance sheet instantly, anywhere. You don't have to be an expert and there's need for any manual calculations.


With your balance sheet available whenever you need it, you get the information you need to make good decisions - without having to spend time or money doing the calculations manually.


Get the right balance sheet for your company


With QuickBooks, you can customise almost every aspect of your balance sheet so it shows the information you need.


Sign in to view it anywhere, save it to your computer or share it via automated emails. And because you don't need your accountant to create it, they can use their time to help you grow your business.

The information you need to stay in control


Your balance sheet is created in real time, which means you can always see the very latest figures.


And because business happens in all sorts of places, you can view your balance sheet on the go, on your terms. That gives you the freedom to use it whenever and wherever you need to.


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Why use balance sheets in QuickBooks?






See your real-time balance sheet whenever and wherever you're signed in to QuickBooks Online.




Your balance sheet is calculated and created on the spot, using the latest data from your accounts.




QuickBooks can automatically send your latest balance sheet by email, ensuring you check it regularly.




Customise your balance sheet so it covers the dates and items that make sense for you.

And it's not just for your balance sheet...


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View your profit & loss


See how much money you're making - and when you're making it.


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Track cash flow


Understand what cash is available to pay your bills.


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Work with your accountant


Let your accountant access your latest figures, whenever they need to.


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Create your balance sheet with QuickBooks