Record expenses

Learn how to record an expense in QuickBooks. Stay on top of your expenses by getting receipts and bills organised automatically. That means less time on manual data entry and more time to run your business.

1. Create a manual expense

  • In the left hand menu, select the + New tab.

  • Then select Expense from the options.

2. Payee and Payment details

  • In Payee field, select the vendor or Add new

  • In the Payment account field, select the account you used to pay for the expense.

  • In the Payment date field, enter the date for the expense.

  • In the Payment method field, select how you paid for the expense. This is optional.

  • For detailed tracking, enter a Ref number. This is optional.

  • In the Tags field, enter the preferred label to categorise your money.

3. Expense details

  • In the Category details section, enter the expense info.

  • Select the Category field, and using the drop down menu select the category or account you want to use to track the expense transaction.

  • Enter a Description.

  • Enter the Amount and VAT.

  • When finished, select Save and close.

Note: You can also enter notes in the Memo field and even add Attachments like a receipt.