Add payment methods to get paid faster

By integrating payments methods with QuickBooks it can help you get your payments matched and tracked in real time. It can also mean getting paid faster as customers can pay your invoices easier.

Connect PayPal to your QuickBooks account

Create invoices in an instant and give your customers an easy, secure way to pay. Activate PayPal in QuickBooks and accept credit and debit card payments – your customers don’t even need a PayPal account.

1. Navigate to Payments

  • In the left hand menu, select the Bookkeeping tab.

  • Then select Transactions.

  • Next select Connect account from the landing page.

2. Connect to PayPal

  • Select Connect

  • (Ensure Pop-ups aren’t blocked, If they are blocked, head to the far right of the URL tab and select Allow)

  • Select Launch PayPal

3. Enter your details

  • Enter your PayPal Email address

  • Enter your Country or Region

  • Select Next

  • On the new page, enter your PayPal Password

  • Then select Log In

  • Confirm your password

  • Select to either Receive a Text or Have us Call you

  • Then select Next

  • Enter the 6-digit code received either by text or call into the pop-up box

  • Select Continue

4. Converting your Personal account and setting up with your Business account to accept payments

  • Choose to either Convert your personal account to a business account or Create a new business account

  • If converting from your personal account then select this option
  • Then select Continue

  • Follow the steps to create your PayPal business account by adding in your business details on the PayPal page

  • You are now able to select if you would like to Select a tool to help protect your business from fraud 

  • Then select either Next or Not Now

  • Your information will now be in review and you can start using PayPal with QuickBooks

  • Select Go back to Intuit Limited to get going

  • Name your PayPal account

  • Then select Next

  • Choose a category for PayPal fees

  • Then select Done

Your PayPal account will now be connected to your QuickBooks account and you can accept payments through PayPal when Invoicing your customers.

Connect GoCardless to your QuickBooks account

Follow the below steps to connect GoCardless to your QuickBooks account. GoCardless allows you to get your invoices paid on time, every time using Direct Debit. It's the perfect time-saving solution for you and your regular customers, even when the invoice amount varies.

1. Navigate to Payments

  • Navigate to the left hand menu, select the Get Paid & Pay tab

  • Then select Overview from the options

  • Scroll down to Start accepting Direct Debits and get paid automatically and select Start

  • Read details regarding connecting securely with your QuickBooks accounts and GoCardless 

  • Select Connect when ready

2. GoCardless account

  • Either Sign in to your GoCardless account or create a new account

  • If creating a new account, follow the steps to create your GoCardless account 

  • Then select Continue

  • Enter in your business details 

  • And select Continue

3. Set up transactions

  • You are almost there
  • Select Ok, let’s go 

  • Select how you want your GoCardless transactions to be created in QuickBooks

  • Follow the three statements and chose from the individual dropdowns to select

  • Then tick the applicable box for the fourth question

  • Then select Next

  • You are now connected to GoCardless

  • Select Connect

  • You will now be back in your account with a pop message 

  • You can start requesting Direct Debits now

  • Select Let’s Go

You can now send your first Invoice with PayPal and/or GoCardless attached. Create and send invoices that can be paid instantly.