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Leaving excel spreadsheets behind is easy with QuickBooks

Free tools and services to help you get your data into QuickBooks in a single day.

Making Tax Digital ready
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We’ll get you ready for Making Tax Digital

If, like thousands of businesses you now need to submit your VAT return through software then you’re looking in the right place. QuickBooks makes it easy to import your VAT return data and submit it directly to HMRC.

Bank and credit card feeds

Connect your bank, credit card and payment gateway accounts to import future and historic transactions while you sleep.

"When new transactions are available, you can view and add them straight into your accounts - made easier by QuickBooks' match feature."

- App Store review
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Save yourself days of manual entry

Invoices, bills, statements, contacts, inventory. You name it, you can probably import it in minutes using QuickBooks.

"I absolutely love it - it saves me so much time."

- Zoe McKenna - Small business owner

Bridging Software

Import your VAT return figures from an excel spreadsheet in seconds and submit to HMRC to comply with Making Tax Digital for VAT.

"This app has saved me so much time over the last six months. I used to dread calculating the VAT return, but now I am up-to-date with very little effort."

- App Store review

Smart tools for clean data

  • Bank reconciliation

    Bank statement transactions are auto matched to QuickBooks data to make reconciling simple.

  • Duplication finder

    If you attempt to import something that’s already there QuickBooks will find and reject it to stop things getting messy.

  • Migrate your data easily

    Our experts are here to help with the switch to QuickBooks - every step of the way. Find out how to switch here.

  • Import templates

    Ready made import templates make getting your data into QuickBooks a cinch.

There’s a plan whatever your business needs

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I move from Excel to QuickBooks?

    It's easy. If you've been using Excel templates or Excel invoicing to keep track of your finances, Quickbooks can import the files for you. Our free invoice template means you'll never need to use an Excel invoice again!
  • Is it safe to connect my bank account to QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks uses the same grade of data encryption as your online banking. In order to connect your bank account to QuickBooks you’ll need to authorise this using your banks security credentials so you can be confident we’ve got you covered.
  • What types of information can I import into QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks allows you to import bank statements directly from your bank. You can also import CSV files containing sales and purchase invoices containing VAT and multiple currencies, customers, suppliers, products and services that you sell and your chart of accounts.
  • Does the data need to be in a specific format?

    Bank statement data can be in CSV, QFX, QBO or OFX format. Most online banking platforms allow you to download statement data in CSV format. Other data imported into QuickBooks must be in CSV format. For the fastest, smoothest experience we recommend you use the templates provided in QuickBooks.
  • What is bridging software?

    Bridging software is a term coined by HMRC to describe software that enables a taxpayer to import their excel spreadsheet based VAT data into other software from which they can file their VAT return. Bridging software makes it easier to comply with Making Tax Digital if you’re currently working from an excel spreadsheet.
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