QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification

8 Hours | 11 CPE Credits

If you have completed your QuickBooks Online Certification, you may be ready to get Advanced Certified. This course builds on the core concepts in the QuickBooks Online certification course.

It will teach you how to leverage more of the complex and advanced functionality like automated tax systems and troubleshooting with QuickBooks Online to meet the needs of different clients. It will also prepare you to take the Advanced Certification exam and pass with flying colors.

Learning objectives:

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize advanced features (e.g. budgets, inventory, and job costing) available across all subscriptions
  • Understand when and how to use special transaction and workflows based on client needs
  • Reconcile and troubleshoot banking transactions and reconciliations
  • Perform complex problem solving
  • Understand logic of reporting and prepare customized reports
  • Set up a new client (from scratch or converting from QuickBooks Desktop based on client needs)

Module 1: Advanced categorization

Every business is different, but all can benefit from the powerful features of QuickBooks Online by using a method of recording and categorizing transactions that’s right for them whether its’ by location or project. As a ProAdvisor, you can advise your clients on the best solution to suit their business now and as it grows. From sub-customers to the Projects Center, QuickBooks Online can be optimized to deliver the business-critical information every client needs.

Module 2: Inventory management

This module introduces the features available in QuickBooks Online to set up, track and manage inventory, including inventory and valuation adjustments.

Module 3: Non-standard transactions

One of the greatest features of QuickBooks Online is its flexibility. It’s capable of being customized to facilitate complex transactions that suit the needs of businesses that need to work and record a specific way. This module covers many of those more advanced features.

Module 4: Billable charges

This module covers some of the more advanced features used in QuickBooks Online to record and invoice for billable charges. Included are how to work with various billable charges including billable expenses and time, as well as creating delayed charges.

Module 5: Multicurrency

QuickBooks Online can work with clients to record their international business transactions in different currencies. This module starts with the fundamentals of a multicurrency setup in QuickBooks Online and progresses to appropriate workflows, adjustments and troubleshooting.

Module 6: Advanced banking

This module examines how banking feeds work with QuickBooks Online and identifies best practices to troubleshoot common issues that compromise reconciliations. Also covered are advanced aspects of bank rules including how to optimize and export bank rules from one QuickBooks company into another.

Module 7: Advanced reports

This module identifies how QuickBooks Online’s report features can be used to create customized reports that highlight key areas of company performance. The use of filters and adjustments to rows and columns are covered before progressing to a detailed look at creating management reports and budgets.

Module 8: End of period activities

This module looks at the key activities that ProAdvisors are likely to perform when working with a client’s QuickBooks Online company at end of period. From reviewing lists and balance sheet accounts to writing off invoices, the main actives are all here including troubleshooting issues with inventory balances and billable expenses.

Module 9: Advanced sales tax

This module looks at the inner workings of QuickBooks Online’s automated taxation system and how it uses data to calculate state and local tax liabilities. Learn to troubleshooting by working through how to create tax only transactions to adjust tax liabilities.

Module 10: Complex conversions

Many clients still need support moving their current QuickBooks Desktop companies into QuickBooks Online. This module outlines the most important consideration when planning a conversion and the steps that will be necessary once a conversion has been made.

Course Length: 8 hrs

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