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2018-10-03 22:36:18Accountants and BookkeepersEnglishWith busy, unpredictable schedules that often involve long hours and lots of travel, crunching numbers is rarely at the top of a tradie's...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/08/iStock-511107060.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/accountants-and-bookkeepers/how-to-win-and-retain-tradie-clients/How To Win And Retain Tradie Clients | QuickBooks Australia

How to win and retain tradie clients

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With busy, unpredictable schedules that often involve long hours and lots of travel, crunching numbers is rarely at the top of a tradie’s to-do list. This makes them a promising market to approach if you want to grow your accounting or bookkeeping business. Here’s how you can win more tradies over and grow your customer base.

Be transparent

Tradies typically work with tight budgets, so they appreciate numbers upfront. If they don’t have the correct numbers, cash flow can get messy. Instead of charging by the hour as you would for other clients, consider offering your tradie clients a set monthly or project-based rate. By telling them the final price in advance, they can avoid unpleasant surprises when you bill them.

Drop the jargon

It’s safe to assume that your average tradie probably doesn’t speak ‘accountant’, so try to stick with everyday language. They might find jargon off-putting and unnecessary. So instead of using words like ‘gross’ and ‘net’, ‘liabilities’ and ‘assets’, try more common terms like ‘before and after tax’, ‘debts’, and ‘what you own’. Be real and approachable.

Make record-keeping easy

Most tradies aren’t big into record-keeping. It’s time-consuming, dull, and can be tricky to keep on top of when you’re on the road or on site. Suggest tools to make their lives and those tasks easier, such as mobile apps like QuickBooks Self-Employed which can help them track invoicing, mileage, and receipts on the go.

Do it their way

If you want to talk to a tradie client, forget trying to schedule an in-office meeting. Instead, try to discuss important things over the phone. This way, you’ll save them time they can be spending on jobs. Likewise, if they have a finance question or issue they want to talk to you about, they will want to be able to grab the phone and get it sorted. So, make sure you’re available when they call or call them back as soon as you can. Reports can be sent the electronically too. Just make sure you give them a heads-up.

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