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2017-10-11 22:43:22Updates for AdvisorsEnglishThe rebate elimination program's aim is to provide clear and precise billing from day 1 of subscribing to any new promotional offer. Find...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/10/QBOA_Rebates_1.pnghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/advisor-updates/rebate-elimination/Rebate Elimination | Updates for Advisors | QuickBooks Australia

Rebate elimination

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What is Rebate Elimination?

The objective of the program is to provide our ProAdvisors with clear and precise billing from day one of subscribing to any new promotional offer.

From early November, we’ll be progressively eliminating rebates for all ProAdvisors. Moving forward you will be billed monthly for the price associated with the specific promotion you signed up for.

This means that when a ProAdvisor subscribes to an offer such as the 10 for $10, Intuit will be able to charge them the correct price of $1.10 per subscription (negating the need for a rebate).

What Advisors need to know!

1. When will I expect my last rebate?

A – The last manual rebate covering the billing period Aug-Oct will be processed by the 15th December.

2. A client file from a bundle has been cancelled, can I reuse this file or add another?

A – No, once cancelled a file cannot be reused at the discounted pricing and no new file can be added to make up the bundle.

3. A firm accidentally added a new file instead of using one of their existing offer files, can I cancel one from my bundle and make the new file part of my offer?

A – No, in this case the data from the new files should be transferred to one of the bundle files.

4. I accidentally cancelled an existing offer file, can I reinstate this?

A – Not at the discounted price, any cancellation will mean any future reinstatement of the file will be at the full standard wholesale billing price.

5. Two firms (both with offers) are merging or moving from one QuickBooks Online Accountant ID (QBOA-ID) to a new QBOA-ID, will my discounted client files be impacted?

A – Yes, any offer files that are cancelled or migrated out of the original QBOA-ID will lose the discounted pricing.

6. Why is my first invoice larger than expected?

A – Billing will always occur on a firm’s specific billing date of the month (BDOM) & the standard monthly charge will always be for the month in advance. In the majority of cases the first bill will have an additional pro-rate charge included in the first bill, this will cover the duration from when the new client files were added until the first BDOM as well as the standard one month in advance.

7. If I move over an offer file to the end client/user (non-wholesale billing) will the discount price point remain?

A – No, the discounted pricing is only available to accountants on wholesale billing. Any client files from an offer that are migrated to non-wholesale billing & direct to an end client will be charged the standard non-wholesales billing pricing.

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