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2015-08-31 00:00:00 Promoting Your Business English From scheduling to payroll, cloud-based solutions that cut down on paperwork, guesswork and manual entry can give business owners an edge... https://dprotksf3n5y8.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/09000712/iStock_000053300630_Small.jpg The Key Advantage of Local Support in a Global Marketplace

The Key Advantage of Local Support in a Global Marketplace

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Increasingly, cloud-based SaaS companies are stepping up to address the universal business needs of a global audience. With the advantage of the cloud on their side, developers from around the globe have the ability to create solutions that can be implemented with the click of a button everywhere from Demark to Denali — giving business owners a wealth of options when it comes to choosing best-of-breed apps to fill their business needs.

From scheduling to payroll, cloud-based solutions that cut down on paperwork, guesswork and manual entry can give business owners an edge in efficiency and productivity — an edge that can sometimes mean the difference between doors staying open or closing shut, particularly for small businesses with tight margins.

So why, in today’s global marketplace, are some cloud-based SaaS companies still dedicated to taking a localised approach? Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets, an employee timesheet app, is the newest global cloud-based software company to position an office in Sydney. TSheets already boasts customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, including Australia. So why localise? Rissell put it this way:

“Our goal isn’t to just sweep in and offer timesheet services to Australian companies. We’re here — with boots on the ground — to understand and address the unique needs of Aussie business owners and connect with accountants, bookkeepers and employees on their terms.”

He added, “When we made the decision to expand globally, we also made a commitment to connect with and understand our customers on a local level — on their turf. That means hiring locally, partnering with the best local apps and adapting our product and service offerings to meet local needs. And we can’t do that without feet on the ground here.”

With unparalleled convenience, tools that boost productivity, and a global audience within easy reach, cloud-based business management solutions are here to stay. And for business owners (and small business owners in particular), choosing wisely when it comes to these third party software partners and tools can make all the difference.

According to Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions Officer at QA Business and Australian thought leader in technology and accounting, “Accounting technology has a promise to keep, and that is to help small, medium businesses create efficiency in their businesses through a connected, streamlined world. New cloud software is making all that possible, and choosing a core accounting engine and the right third party software partners will help you get there.”

While the options for cloud-based business tools are endless, with more popping up daily, small business owners would do well to keep a pulse on SaaS companies that take cloud-based solutions to the next level and addresses both global and local business needs. Integration with and understanding of a local market can give small businesses an edge when it comes to support and localised business solutions. And in today’s competitive marketplace, an edge is just the ticket.

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