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2018-06-07 18:26:54Promoting Your BusinessEnglishIf you have a smartphone or almost any social media account, you will no doubt have seen and probably even used emojis. These quirky...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/06/iStock-894468014.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/promoting-your-business/what-is-emoji-marketing/What Is Emoji Marketing? | QuickBooks Australia

What is emoji marketing?

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Emojis are everywhere. If you have a smartphone or almost any social media account, you will no doubt have seen and probably even used emojis. These quirky cartoons have become extremely popular in online conversations, not just between friends, but with brands as well. So how and when should you use emojis in your marketing? Let’s discuss.

What is an emoji?

Emojis are small pictures or icons that are usually either an object, idea or display of an emotion or feeling. They are commonly used to communicate online in text messages and via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can also be embedded into articles or blogs or any web page, just like this one ?.

Why use emojis in marketing?

Emojis are no longer restricted to only personal use. In fact, more and more brands are incorporating emojis into their marketing campaigns – particularly in regards to social media efforts. Emojis can make a brand appear more endearing, more personal and more relevant.

They’re also great to use when responding to comments on social media to make your brand appear friendly and personable, rather than a faceless company. Emojis can also improve audience engagement, however you need to know how to use them. Here are 5 tips for using emojis in marketing.

Lady holding smartphone

1 Make sure your emoji makes sense

The first thing you need to do is ensure you are using your emoji/s correctly. You need to be 110% sure that what you are saying makes sense – test it out with an emoji savvy crowd before you blast it all over your social media accounts.

2 Use them sparingly

Emojis are fun. But when you are using them as part of your marketing campaigns, less is more. You don’t want to seem too keen or enthusiastic, or even obnoxious. Use them only where appropriate and when they can emphasis your existing message.

3 Be spontaneous

There are loads of emojis to choose from so make sure you aren’t using the same one in every piece of marketing content. Shake it up, try new ones as they roll out – if they’re relevant. Emojis are supposed to be fun and spontaneous so use them differently every time.

4 Encourage your audience to use emojis

Encourage your own audience to use emojis. Ask them to respond to a question or statement on social media using emojis. This can help increase your engagement and make your content appear more shareable – particularly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

5 Have fun with it

Emojis are fun and playful so use them accordingly. Try them out in your email subject line or your next Facebook post. While you may not be brave enough to use them on your outdoor marketing just yet, you can certainly try using them with your online audience to see how they translate.

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