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Starting new company file from scratch

I have a client with a QBO file that is such a mess that we need to start fresh with a new file.

I understand that you can have multiple companies under the same QuickBooks Online account. Each company file is its own paid subscription, but you access them with the same sign-in info. This lets you quickly switch between companies so you can manage everything more efficiently.


Here is my question:

Can I create a new company file with the exact same name as the old company file?

After this new company file is created, we want to cancel the old file so not need to pay for 2 subscriptions.


OR , should I cancel the OLD company file subscription first, then create a new one with the exact same name?


Please advise. Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Starting new company file from scratch

Hello jen3456,


Welcome to the Community. QuickBooks Online gives you the flexibility you need to easily manage multiple accounts. I'll be happy to provide the info you need so you're on the right track with your work. 


To get started, it's important to note that QuickBooks only allows one company for each subscription. You can seamlessly switch between companies as long as you're using the same email address as the rest of the QBO accounts. Also, to answer your first question, you can set up an account using the same email in order to take advantage of the Switch Company function. Here's how to switch companies:

  1. Select Settings .
  2. Under Profile/Your Company, select Switch Company.
  3. From the list, select the company you want to switch to.

Canceling an account will only affect that specific account as each of the companies have their own billing. For reference, here's an article that shows you how to Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription. Let me know if you need anything else. I'll be one message away. 

Level 2

Starting new company file from scratch

Hi James and thanks for the reply...

Still had some questions:

1. After the old company subscription is cancelled, can I start a new company with the EXACT SAME NAME?


2. If my client transfers Primary Admin over to me (bookkeeper), can I cancel the old company subscription myself and start a brand new company (same name as old company) myself? Can I perform these tasks using my log in in QBOA? I want to perform this work for my client.


Thank you...

QuickBooks Team

Starting new company file from scratch

No worries. You can start a new company using the same name and every other detail. A primary admin user on the account has the ability to cancel the old company subscription and start a brand new company with the same name as the old one. You can perform these tasks only as the primary admin user on the account. Feel free to check out this article here to learn more about canceling an account. Feel free to ask other questions. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Starting new company file from scratch


You should change the company name before canceling it to avoid confusion.



Level 1

Starting new company file from scratch

Hi, I'm looking to do the same thing but there seems to be some steps missing with this instance. 

I can't see anything to switch company or add company, and I'm assuming it's because I only pay for one business subscription?


What isn't clear in these instructions is, do you need to pay for a new business subscription first, in order to create the same business from scratch?   Then I'm hoping I will see the option to switch?  THEN I can create my new business file (hopefully transferring at least my client list and chart of accounts), and THEN I cancel the subscription for the original one? (Since I won't need both files and subscriptions).


Any assistance would be appreciated!  Thanks!


QuickBooks Team

Starting new company file from scratch

Hi RameeCyr,


Thanks for joining us here.  I'd be happy to provide more information, so you're on the right track with your QuickBooks goals!


Before you will see an option to 'switch companies', you will need to set up the new QuickBooks Online account.  All companies associated with your email address will appear in a list when you sign into your account.  From there, you can easily select which account you would like to work in at that time.  Please be advised that cancelling an account will not remove it from your list, as you will continue to have access to the account data for one year from the date of cancellation.  If you don't want to see a cancelled account appear upon every login, you'll want to change the email address associated with your login credentials.  Here's how;


1. Log into QuickBooks Online and click on your profile icon in the top right

2. Select Manage your Intuit Account, then Sign in and Security

3. Make the necessary changes to your User ID and Email address

4. Save 


Next, you'll want to export the data, so you can easily import it into the new QuickBooks Online company.  When you're ready you can proceed to cancel the subscription, to prevent future billing.  Please ensure that you also cancel Payroll, as this is an add-on service. 


I hope you find this to be helpful.  Let us know if you have other questions or concerns.  We would love to help!


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