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bank feed from WISE

i use QB Desktop Premiere multicurrency i create a new USD bank acct & i don't see the option for bank feeds is this option available if i switch to QBO?
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Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

bank feed from WISE

Do you have a Wise account?


If you have a USD account, try to find Evolve Bank and Trust to connect with your QBD.

Level 1

bank feed from WISE

yes, i have a Wise accts - both CAD & USD 

QBD does not have the option for bank feeds of any sort for USD Bank acct (i'm in Canada)

nothing close to Evolve Bank and Trust in the list for my CAD acct

i know QBO is different, does it have a better list of institutions?


Alex M
QuickBooks Team

bank feed from WISE

Hi there mrkaye,


It's vital that all your transactions be entered correctly in your books so that you can have your bank balances show the reality. QuickBooks Online can connect with bank accounts of multiple banks in order to help make the process of data entry easier. I can provide some information about bank connections.


Wise bank accounts are able to be connected to QuickBooks Online. In order to know which specific account types can be imported, I recommend testing out the connection in a QuickBooks Online free 30 day trial. You can sign up on this page that shows the different Plans of QuickBooks Online. Make sure to set the toggle on the page for the free trial. Once set up, you can Connect your bank to QuickBooks Online to see if the USD bank account is available after entering your sign-in information.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

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