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how do I unfile hst

How do I unfile my HST. I have more invoices to enter in the HST period. I will not have to pay, I will have a credit

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how do I unfile hst

If you have (or are) an accountant or bookkeeper with the QBO Accountant version, they can unfile it for you.  Otherwise, call support.  


how do I unfile hst

Hello there, Jean.


I'll be right here to help you out with unfiling your HST in QuickBooks Desktop.


To do that, you'll only need to find the journal entry that records the filing of the HST return. Then you can file it correctly after.


To unfile sales tax previously filed, follow these steps below:


  1. Go to the Lists menu, then Chart of Accounts.
  2. In the Chart of Accounts screen, right-click on GST/HST Payable, then select QuickReport: GST/HST payable.
  3. Choose Modify Report, then change the date to the last filing date.
  4. Edit the journal entry created by QuickBooks, with the memo "File Sales Tax", then press CTRL+D to delete that journal entry.


To refile your sales tax:


  1. From the Sales Tax menu, select File Sales Tax.
  2. On the File Sales Tax screen, select your tax agency (e.g., Receiver General).
  3. Select the date, then select File Return.
  4. Choose File Online or Do Not Submit a Return, then select Continue.
  5. Click Yes if you would like to print your sales tax return before filling.


Here are some resources to help you with your sales tax processing. It covers the usual sales tax workflow in QuickBooks Desktop.



If you have questions about sales tax or other program concerns, I'll be right here to help. Have a nice day!

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