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10% wage subsidy

I have done the process to figure out the 10% wage subsidy and now wanting to pay my remittance it isn't taking the subsidy amount off of the Tax is just sitting there as a credit and not sure how to apply it to my payment so I pay the lesser amount?

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QuickBooks Team

10% wage subsidy

Hi there,


Making sure your transactions are recorded correctly is a good way to prevent errors in your books. 


I recommend contacting an accounting professional to get more info on this. If you're not in contact with one, I encourage you to search for one on our website using this link here. Doing this will help prevent any future discrepancies. 


To learn more about the Wage Subsidy, check out this helpful article here: Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers (10%).


Let me know if you have other questions. I'm here to help


Level 2

10% wage subsidy

Hi There


Thanks for your reply and yes I have all of the info and do have a very good accountant.  I have a QB question not an accountant question.  I have already figured out the subsidy amount and have done the appropriate issue is when I go to pay my remittance the amount is suppose to be reduced by my subsidy and it is not.  The subsidy sits on the line about my remittance amount and reads overpaid....i don t understand why it isnt automatically being taken against the amount owing?




Level 1

10% wage subsidy

Mine is doing the same thing. Just says over payment. Doesn't reduce the next tax payment amount. Please help. 

QuickBooks Team

10% wage subsidy

Hi LisaF1967 and KR2305, 


Thanks for reaching back out. If you've followed all the proper steps to record the temporary wage subsidy and you're running into any issues, I'd recommend reaching out to our tech support team for further assistance. These agents have the ability to share your screen remotely and I'm confident they'll get you back on track in no time. 

Have a great day.

Level 7

10% wage subsidy

How are you paying your remittance?  Is it through Wagepoint (online, auto-withdrawal), or are you submitting via your bank's tax submission portal...

If the latter it should just be a manual amount that you enter.

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