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Has anyone been able to get a bundled solution when using multiple Intuit products?

I use QBO Plus and TSheets and am considering adding Payroll. I have not found any bundled pricing, but would think that providing price advantages to clients using 3 or more solutions would be a way to drive clients to use more of the available product suite.

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Has anyone been able to get a bundled solution when using multiple Intuit products?

Hi there jay15,


I love that you're a dedicated QuickBooks and TSheets user! QuickBooks Online Payroll also makes an exceptional add-on and makes paying your employees an easier process so it's fantastic that you're considering this additional QuickBooks product. I hear what you're saying about bundled pricing and I want to point you in the right direction. 


I know how important it is to not only have an efficient small-business accounting software, but an affordable one. There aren't any existing bundles for using multiple Intuit products, however you're welcome to reach out to our Sales department. The sales team can let you know about any new pricing that may be applicable to your business, and can help get you set up with QBO Payroll. You can reach the sales department at 1-888-829-8589 from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 6:30 PM EST


You're not the only QuickBooks user that would benefit from bundled pricing, so I encourage you to share your ideas with our product development team in the form of Feedback. I'll be sure to pass this along on my end, but I encourage you to navigate to the Gear icon, then Feedback to have your voice heard. 


I hope you have an enjoyable week!

Level 3

Has anyone been able to get a bundled solution when using multiple Intuit products?

Hi @Rebecca R,


Thanks for the response.  First thing that I did was reach out to my Small Business Consultant to find out what might be available, they'd moved on to a new role in the company and had me go through Customer Support, which I did and I did finally get to speak to someone from the Sales team. Unfortunately, speaking to them had me come up with nothing of any help as TSheets is apparently not supported by the same team and as such I was passed back and forth a couple of times. 


Ultimately I did receive the suggestion to submit a feature request, which I did - likely the 10th such one I have submitted so far with not a single one being implemented. Fingers crossed that some do get implemented soon!


There are, however, currently no options for product bundling or multi-product discounts. Additionally there are no options for lesser costs for term commitments or annual payment when dealing with either TSheets or Payroll that I have found. There is the option for one (1) month free with the Payroll module and 14 day free trial is possible with TSheets. (Previously there was a free option for a single user with TSheets which went away in September, much to my disappointment, as I had need of an additional user for 1 month and was not able to go back to my prior plan after that need was no longer present because that plan had been removed without any notice that it was being deprecated.


My intention in posting to the Form is to see if there are other users that might be looking for similar options to me that might push product management and sales to make it a priority to serve loyal multi-product customers by making product bundling and/or multi-product discounts an option. All it takes is a large number of users liking the post to show that it would be of benefit.

QuickBooks Team

Has anyone been able to get a bundled solution when using multiple Intuit products?

Hello jay15. I appreciate you taking time to leave feedback. New product ideas and improvements are largely based on the valuable we get from users like you. I'll also leave the question open in the community so other members can chime in on this. Let me know if you have questions, I'm here to steer you in the right direction. 

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