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QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Bundle price catch up for existing customers on legacy pricing (2023)

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Note: As of December 15, 2022 new Desktop Certifications are no longer available.

The following applies to existing customers using the QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Bundle ONLY.

Effective on or after May 1, 2023, the QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor Program’s price for most existing customers will change.

Which customers are affected?

Existing customers who are paying less than the current market price for new customers are affected. The current market price for the subscription is $840 annually ($70/month) and $840 annually ($70/month) for each additional user.

How much are prices going up?

The amount of the price increase depends on what the customer is currently paying. Most customers are currently paying a base subscription of $720 annually ($60/month) and an additional user cost of $240 annually ($20/month).

Most customers have no additional users, and their price is going up by 17%. However, subscriptions that have more than one user will experience a larger increase, based on the number of additional users. For example, subscriptions that have two users will move from $960 annually ($720 base and $240 for one additional user) to $1,680 annually ($840 base and $840 for one additional user).

These subscriptions have not been caught up to current list price since it was changed in 2018.

Why are your prices for the QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Bundle going up?

We do not take these changes lightly and know how important cash flow is to our customers. We understand that it can be frustrating to have a price increase.

The price increase is in line with the solution value. Our last price change took place in November 2018. The price for new customers increased and there was a smaller price increase for existing customers at the time. There was another small increase in 2020 however, these customers are still not paying the same price as new customers. By increasing prices, we can continue to invest in support for our QuickBooks Desktop offerings.

We will continue to enhance the quality of our products and services to better help our customers manage their business and achieve success.

What about QuickBooks Online? Are prices going up for that as well?

This price change is independent of any pricing related to QuickBooks Online and will only affect those using QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Bundle. However, prices are always subject to change as per our users’ subscription agreement with QuickBooks Online/Intuit. Should there be price increases to QuickBooks Online, users will be notified in accordance with our subscription agreement.

Competitor prices are lower, why should I select you?

Here are a few business benefits of using our products:

  • Free self-paced training to achieve your QuickBooks certification
  • Free marketing tools: By taking your QuickBooks Desktop certification, you’ll be able to create an online profile on the Find-an-Accountant website to help reach more clients, generate leads, and grow your practice
  • Receive exclusive access to QuickBooks experts via telephone support, and join our QuickBooks Help community to connect with peers
  • Access to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (one license), QuickBooks Premier Desktop (one license), and unlimited QuickBooks Payroll

Will there be a discount for Pro and Premier that Accountants can pass on to their SMB customers?

Due to very low usage this discount was discontinued in early 2020. You can still get a free QuickBooks Online subscription for your business and get discounts on QuickBooks Online subscriptions for your customers.

What if I want to add or remove the number of users?

If you’d like to switch your membership option or cancel your membership at any time, please contact us to make arrangements with a service representative.

What are my options for billing frequency?

Currently, there are two payment options available: monthly or annually.

What do I get with my subscription?

With your subscription, you’ll get:

  • QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2023 and access to QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise
  • Online and Live Community support

You can learn more about the other benefits you’ll receive on our website.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you're not happy with QuickBooks within 60 days of purchasing the product you can contact us for a refund of the price you paid.

If you cancel or terminate your membership after 60 days, your subscription will deactivate immediately.

I’ve made my purchase now what?

Once you become a ProAdvisor, we’ll send you an email containing all the information and links you need to get started, including complimentary access to QuickBooks Online Accountant and Payroll and Enterprise products. We’ll also share more information about the program features and benefits.

How do I download QuickBooks Desktop?

You can find more information on how to download and access the product here.

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