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Provincial Tax in IIF file


I can see only TAXABLE field with values Y or N in IIF file format.

Is there a way to pass information about which exactly tax (GST, HST, PST) was applied to SPL line?

Currently I'm sending this information in MEMO, but as number of transaction grows, my accountant spends too much time on adjusting TAX information manually, after each import..

Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Provincial Tax in IIF file

Hi Forester,


Importing data into QuickBooks is designed to be a seamless process as QuickBooks does most of the work for you. It's vital you're categorizing and importing your data correctly. I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction with this.


Based on what you've described, it's important I'm able to take a look at your IIF file so we're both on the same page. Since this is a public community, I recommend contacting our support team using this link here. One of our specialists will be happy to take a look at your file and assist you in a private/secure environment.  In the meantime, check out this helpful article with more info on: IIF Overview: import kit, sample files, and headers


Let me know if you have other questions by leaving a comment below. I'll be one message away. 



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Provincial Tax in IIF file


Did you manage to solve it? I have the same problem and I am looking for solutions.

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Provincial Tax in IIF file

Yes, I was able to solve

Level 1

Provincial Tax in IIF file

You will need "Rightworks Transaction Pro" software, which allows import of Excel files. 
"Importer Only" version is good enough. I think they still have trial.

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