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ACH Deposit & applying to AR

I received an ACH deposit in my bank transactions, but it also needs to be applied to an outstanding invoice. I have been told to post through AR.

I went into Receive Payment and recorded the payment, which is fine. However, the deposit of those funds is not showing. I tried do a Manual Bank Deposit into Undeposited Funds. I used the Add Funds to this Deposit section, but I get an error messaige, "Something's not quite right. Please select a bank account." The bank account is selected.

Is there another way to do this or could there be an issue with my banking in making a deposit?

Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

ACH Deposit & applying to AR

Hello tlm84,


Welcome to Community!  QuickBooks Online Payments is a great way to get paid on time.  Giving your customers the 'pay now' option on the invoice they receive, enables them to pay their account without delay.  I would be happy to provide more insight here!


When QuickBooks processes the payments, the funds are deposited into the associated bank account you selected upon sign up. It's important not to create duplicate entries, so I suggest reviewing the customer invoice to see if the payment was applied before recording it manually.  When you open the invoice, you'll see a blue hyperlink in the top right for the payment details.  Click on it and select the appropriate payment date, then match it with your real life bank account to ensure the funds were received.  This is necessary as there are times when an invoice is marked as paid and closed, but the payment may 'fail' and the funds didn't actually get deposited.  You can use the QuickBooks Digital Assistant to check the payment status, show who the payment is from, as well as the amount.


If you notice a discrepancy in your records, please contact us outside of Community.  It would be our pleasure to work with you directly and ensure your funds are received and your books are balanced, without delay!


Feel free to reach back out with other questions.  We would be glad to help!


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