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Can I import Data from closed trial version

I was using a trial version of Quickbooks self-employed for the trial period which has expired a week ago. I did taxes with TurboTax and it gave me a free 18-month subscription with Quickbooks self-employed.

Is there a way to get data from the trial version and incorporate it into my free version from TurboTax. I went to the trial version site and it takes me to purchase the subscription page. Can you help?

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Can I import Data from closed trial version

Once the trial is expired, as far as I know, you may have a limited time up to 60 days to purchase it. Otherwise, your data will be purged. Consider pay your current account for 1 month to export all data and open a new account with the discounted price for up to 6 months. You may import the data into your new account later.


QuickBooks Team

Can I import Data from closed trial version

Hello blackbear,


It's awesome to hear that you were able to take advantage of the TurboTax and QuickBooks Self-Employed deal to get the extended free trial of the Self-Employed program. I can definitely see how this might cause problems when you already have another Self-Employed account with data though. I want to make sure you have the options in this scenario.


In taking a look at the Import options in QuickBooks Self-Employed, you'll note you can import banking transactions. Apart from that, QuickBooks Self-Employed has limited import options. Working in the promo trial you received will likely mean starting fresh in the account, except for what you import in terms of banking transactions. Read the following articles to learn more.

Feel free to leave us feedback about these options by going to the Assistant feature in your account and entering "feedback." From there, follow the prompts to share your thoughts with us. If you're not sure where to find the assistant feature, check out this article: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed support


I hope that helps clear things up!

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