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Gladys Kravitz
Level 1

Can I start over in Quickbooks desktop 2020

I was working on my old computer using Quickbooks Desktop 2016.  This year, I got a new computer and upgraded to Quickbooks Desktop 2020.  When I loaded my data, the program had to convert the data to the new 2020 format.  My files are all screwed up and the bank feeds don't download properly.  I tried to fix it but  now the data is totally messed  up so I want to start over.  Can I delete my company and reload everything and start over?  Will the files convert properly?  Also, how do I correct the feeds?  Paypal doesn't feed at all.  My bank doesn't feed to my old files.   Neither does my credit card.  I'm still working on my old computer because the data is correct but I have to enter everything myself.  It shouldn't be this hard.  Thank you.

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Level 7

Can I start over in Quickbooks desktop 2020

Hey Gladys,


Cheers on making the upgrade! It's a big milestone, and it ensures you'll be able to take advantage of the great features and refinements of the most current version. The upgrade is meant to be quick and painless, so I'd really like to take a deeper look at your account to get to the bottom of this.


If you prefer to start from scratch and enter your opening balances, that's certainly an option. Your accountant is the best person to help you with that. Check out our Find an Accountant page to find a QuickBooks pro in your area. You can enter in your postal code to find accountants near you, and filter for the product you're using.


Otherwise, please reach out for some real-time assistance with a trained agent. These agents are great help in these situations and have the ability to use screen share sessions and other tools to help resolve your issues. You can read about our support policies here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies


Don't be afraid to reach out! I want to make sure this gets fixed early on.

Gladys Kravitz
Level 1

Can I start over in Quickbooks desktop 2020

Really?  Your answer is for me to find an accountant?


Weak. I don't want an accountant.  I want my $200 program that I was forced to purchase to sync with my last $200 program.  


Thanks for nothing.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Can I start over in Quickbooks desktop 2020

@Gladys Kravitz 

You may reconvert your 2016 data file to 2020. Don't forget to name it differently.

Should you need to start it clean, export your COA and all List from 2016 then import them all (i.e IIF files) to a new cpmpany file of 2020. Put the beginning balance for each account if required.


Godd luck!

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