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Can price levels be set up in QBO

Using inventory, want inventory to automatically invoice out by percentage on sales invoice (ie: cost x 35%)
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QuickBooks Team

Can price levels be set up in QBO



Welcome back! I hope that you and your business are doing well and I'm glad to see you're still using QuickBooks. I'm happy to go over this for you.


Since you're asking about price levels, it sounds like you may have used QuickBooks Desktop at one point or you've come across an article for QuickBooks Desktop. Price levels are useful when you want to have further customization with what your customers are paying for the products or services you're selling. With that in mind, I can absolutely appreciate why you're asking this question.


At this time, Price Levels is not an available feature in QuickBooks Online. The workaround is to create multiple versions of the item in your products and services list to reflect the different prices you want to charge. Here are a few articles that go over inventory in QuickBooks Online.

Feel free to submit your feedback about what's available in QuickBooks Online by following the steps in this link: How do I submit feedback? It's a great way to share with the product development team what can be put in place to help you manage your books more efficiently. The comments left through this feature are forwarded to that team for consideration.


I hope that helps! I'm here should you need anything else.

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Can price levels be set up in QBO

We have 12 products for our business. I am looking for the best way to set up a tiered pricing system in QBO. we are NOT moving to Desktop version.


the price of the product is determined by each customer's volume purchased - essentially I want to have a few different "wholesale" prices and then assign them to each customer. whenever they buy, the price would not have to be manually entered.


I would like to set up customer groups, Retail, Wholesale 1, Wholesale 2 and Custom. The retail is the baseline price and the others are discounted according to their volume. This does not change too often.


So do i have one price and one sku and assign customer category which will discount the retail price?


or do i set up 4 skus for each product? If i do it that way, I want to assign the correct sku to each customer. That is much more work but i will do it.


Nick K
QuickBooks Team

Can price levels be set up in QBO

Hi perlgirl,


I have some great news, price rules have now been included in QuickBooks Online Pro! This feature allows you to set up all kinds of discounts and set prices for items and services and is easier to use than creating customer groups. I can help go over how to create and use price rules.


To create price rules you first need enable it on your account. You can do this by going to: Gear>Account and Settings>Sales>Product and Services>Turn on Price Rules. Once enabled you can create price rules by following the steps in this article.


When you create a new invoice or sales receipt, QuickBooks Online will alert you if an item has a price rule associated with it. Just click on the price and select the appropriate rule for the sale and that's all!


Hope this was able to help introduce the new price rules feature.

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Can price levels be set up in QBO

Seeing that there are so many of us making use of this in our various businesses, don't you think that the function should be added online as well?  Instead of adding and re-adding doing double or more work on products that varies from 150 - 1000 products?


When can we expect the price level function to be active?

QuickBooks Team

Can price levels be set up in QBO

Hi inspiredbymoya,


Today is your lucky day! It makes sense that you'd want to save time by setting up price level rules. The amazing QuickBooks team of program developers is listening, and they do their best to provide you with the features you're looking for. Price Level Rules are available in QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions. Let me walk you through activating your feature.


 Complete this process to turn on the price level rules:

  1. Go to the Gear Icon.
  2. Choose Account and Settings/Company Settings.
  3. Select the Sales tab.
  4. Scroll to the Product and Services section. Click n the Pencil Icon.
  5. Switch the toggle to On beside the price levels rules.
  6. Click Save, and then Done.

Once you've turned on your feature, you'll want to start creating rules. I'm including this article, Set price rules in QuickBooks Online if you're looking for guidance.


This is sure to save you valuable time, so you can spend it doing something you love. Keep providing that feedback. If you have any questions, reach back out. I'm here to help. Have a good day!

Level 2

Can price levels be set up in QBO

Tammy H, thanks for the feedback.  I had a look at the settings as well as following the instructions, but no where can I get the price level tab in order to activate it on my screen.  We are based in South Africa though I don't think it will be an issue or can it?


Awaiting further instructions.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Can price levels be set up in QBO


Afaik, the price level feature is only available on QBO US and CA version. If you are using South Africa version and your company is a wholesaler, you may have an additional app to integrate with your QBO. You will manage multi list prices for your resellers. Otherwise, consider switching to QBD and deploy a private cloud if required.

QuickBooks Team

Can price levels be set up in QBO

Hello inspiredbymoya,


Thanks for the clarification on what version of the QuickBooks product you're using as it can definitely make a difference in the features available to you in the program. Not all QuickBooks Online programs have the same features available to them, so it's important to make sure you're working with the correct team to get the answers for your product.


This thread is posted to the QuickBooks Canada Community, and the response given by my colleague is a reflection of what's available in QuickBooks Online Canada. To ensure that you have the information for the South African product, please visit the QuickBooks South Africa Community, which you can do by clicking that link I just inserted or by selecting the flag at the top of this screen and choosing the one for South Africa.


Wishing you the best with this!

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